The Obstruction Of Democracy


It must came as not surprising that Mike Bloomberg within the disdain due to not just Bernie Sanders nevertheless the voting public is utilizing not only their very own wealth to purchase most likely probably the most saturated campaign adds we percieve but continues to be based on many Wall Street financiers within the bid for your Presidency. It isn’t hard to fathom that Bloomberg is actually well associated with Wall Street with ties coming back towards the late 1970’s. With folks like Bill McNabb of Vanguard or Lloyd Bankfein of Goldman Sachs while others have a great deal toloose if Bernie Sanders appears to win in November.

Bloomberg’s decision to obtain the Democratic Nomination is based on not serving the publics good but preserving a ruling class elite. His readiness to take a position unparalleled amounts of money with the onslaught to TV adds where the press and everyone is naive to actually believe everything he promises signifies that with money you can however method to the nation’s stage. One might recall when Ross Perot needed for the airways again along with his own money he tried to educate the American Public in the perils of our national debt. Because light the money spent visited inform and educate. Everything Bloomberg does is self stating that he and the man alone can defeat Trump and zilch more. No substance without any real plan of direction continues to be offered. Self embellishment in the kind we view with Trump is we are getting..


Preserving your wealth while using wealthy elite where money begets more earnings and control is why Trump remains in power and why Bloomberg is surging. With elevated people being beguiled with the allure of the lot money of people like Bloomberg can be a testament of the way ill outfitted we actually is to see what’s really behind his motive. With Bloomberg’s ties with Wall Street which are also connected using the IMF, The Earth Bank and our personal Given helps it be very entirely possible that he’ll obstruct our democratic process. The makeup of Bloomberg’s strategy is to locate influence with lobbyists and super delegates while using full backing in the DNC to overrule the voting public. Basically they are trying to sabotage the democratic process and Bernie Sanders. Our votes won’t matter could be the essence in the tactics employed by the super wealth elite and Mike Bloomberg.

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