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The erection of a roof, the renovation or repair of the roof, the installation of solar systems, but also the insulation of external walls or the installation of soundproofing – a roofer takes on all of these tasks. If these tasks are not carried out properly, there is a risk of damage to the house. Therefore, these tasks belong in the hands of a specialist company. At the same time, these structural measures are very cost-intensive. When choosing the right roofer, the company’s qualifications are just as important as the costs. But: How exactly do builders find the right roofer?

Roofing – a job with many facets

First of all, the question arises: What tasks does a roofer actually take on? Because especially with new buildings or extensive expansion or renovation work, it makes sense to award the contracts to as few different craft businesses as possible. This eliminates annoying coordination processes, which are often not only time-consuming, but also the source of errors. In addition, building owners can usually negotiate a better overall price if they award a larger contract to a company instead of splitting it over several companies. Choosing the roofing Watkinsville GA services will be an wise move.

The most important tasks of a roofer today include:

Covering of roofs: When renovating, the old roofing is first removed. Then the new roof covering is applied.

Roof coating: If the roof covering looks unsightly, it can in some cases be renovated with a roof coating.

Above-rafter insulation: Whether for a new building or a new roof – an insulating layer of insulating material can be applied under the tiles.

Rafter insulation: When new construction or extensive roof renovation, a layer of insulation between the rafters can be introduced.

Facade cladding: applying a decorative cladding to the facade. This is often used in renovations to first install insulation and then facade cladding.

Installation of skylights: When installing skylights, it is important to assemble them precisely so that there are no leaks or cold bridges.

Erecting dormers: Even when installing dormer windows, it is important that leaks and cold bridges are avoided.

Installation of lightning rods: In addition, a lightning rod can be equipped with overvoltage protection for interiors.

Renewal of gutters: Professional roof drainage is important so that there is no backwater under the roofing. The cleaning of gutters is also done by roofers.

Installation of solar systems: This includes both the installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.

Flat roof greening: Flat roofs can be greened with plants and bushes. If carried out professionally, this not only looks good, but also has an insulating effect.

Erecting a roof terrace: Here it is particularly important that tightness and sound insulation are maintained.

Installation of noise protection: Depending on the type of roofing, effective noise protection is important so that it does not get too loud in the attic when it rains or hail.

There are different subjects that a roofer can specialize in:

  • Sealing technology
  • Exterior wall cladding technology
  • Roofing technology
  • Energy technology on roof and wall

Thatched roof technology

In addition, there are numerous further training opportunities in which roofers can acquire additional qualifications:

  • master
  • instructor
  • technician
  • Certified foreman
  • Site manager

Expert advisor

Numerous roofers also decide to study architecture and become an engineer for civil engineering. Depending on the type of work for which a client is looking for a roofer, these specializations and additional qualifications are important.

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