The Benefits of Providing Bathroom Vending Machines


There are quite a few types of bathroom vending machines that can benefit staff and patrons of commercial facilities in various ways. Beyond the typical dispensers for soaps, hand towels and sanitizer, more public restrooms are offering modern vending machines for:

  • Feminine Napkins and Tampons
  • Diapers
  • Wet Wipes
  • Condoms
  • Personal Shampoos and Soaps

Of course, the types of machines that fulfill the needs of workers and guests depends on the facility’s purposes, as a gymnasium will have different needs from a school or office building.

So, what are the benefits of providing bathroom vending machines? Here are some primary perks of their inclusion.

Convenience in Unexpected Times

Life happens, and sometimes we are ill prepared to handle certain situations. Strategically chosen bathroom vending machines can save a lot of time and unintended embarrassment should a tampon or diaper, etc. be needed on the fly.

Health Benefits

Women and young ladies who don’t have access to essential sanitary napkins are risking health problems like tract infections and toxic shock syndrome, soiling clothes, and array of other hygienic repercussions. Dirty diapers cause rashes, infections and often foul odors, and parents are grateful for a fast solution in public bathrooms.

Patrons in venues like nightclubs, restaurants or theaters in need of a condom—well, we don’t need to explain all the benefits there. Gym patrons appreciate shampoos, soaps and such. Give staff and customers what they need to stay clean and healthy with convenient bathroom vending solutions.

People Appreciate Privacy

Not everyone—especially younger people—feel comfortable going into a store and buying condoms or tampons, nor do they want to ask someone to spare one. Commercial plumbing designed bathroom vending helps avoid some discomfort of ‘sharing’ their personal needs with others in public situations.

Talk to Commercial Plumbing Professionals

Experts in commercial plumbing are knowledgeable and can help facility owners determine what types of bathroom vending will be most needed for their patrons and workers.

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