Shalimar Satta King: One surprising online casino game


In Malaysia, the online casino game ‘Satta King’ has gained a huge popularity. This game is very popular in India and there it is popularly called ‘Satta Matka’. The word ‘Satta’ means gambling or betting in English whereas ‘Matka’ refers to the pot with the help of which number can be drawn out. The number that is drawn out mainly ranges from 0 to 99. These numbers are called gambling numbers. This game is a kind of lottery system and you have to draw the number out of the pot. If you can guess the correct number, you will become the winner of the game and will get the award. The person who wins the game is called ‘Satta King’. You can play this online casino games at Malaysia online casino.

Origin of Satta King Casino game

According to the history, Satta King Casino game was started by Americans. The Americans during that time use to bet on the rate of cotton when it is transmitted from New York City. Slowly this practice was turned into gambling or betting game. With the advent of the Internet and it has now become a very popular online casino game across the world.

There are different types of Satta Kings games such as:

  • Desawar Satta King
  • Gali Satta King
  • Gaziyabad Satta King
  • Faridabad Satta King

How to play Satta King Casino Game online?

In the Satta King games, you need to choose a number for betting as per your choice, and that number should range from 0 to 99. You can see the live result of Satta king games on the website and all that you need to do is to look at the appropriate chart. You will get several charts displayed on the websites  and you have to select any one of them. Many authenticated websites come up with experts on the website who helps the players with some essential tips so that you can increase your chance of winning the game.

In this game, there are numerous numbers written on the slips in the Matka. You have to guess a number out of all the numbers shown on the slips. Once you have guessed a number you have to bet a particular amount of money on that number. From all the numbers one unique number will be chosen by the game organizer and players who have guessed and chosen that number will become the winner of the blackjack online game on that particular day. If you have picked the right number then you will and will become Satta King on that particular day. When the right number will be chosen the Satta King will receive the money that he had bet on but if the wrong number will be chosen then the player will lose the money that he had bet.

In this game, the winners are declared on a daily basis. You have to check the result of the game on daily basis just line the blackjack online casino game and the chances of winning the game totally depend on your luck and guessing capability.

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