Reasons Why People Flourish in Coworking Spaces


The rising trend of coworking spaces has sent ripples throughout the world. Now that more and more companies are adapting to and investing in coworking, it is estimated that by 2022, coworking spaces shall cater to more than 5.1 million people. A coworking space gives individuals and organizations the opportunity to network, learn, and grow with more flexibility. Coworking spaces provide an alternative to the rigidity of traditional office spaces, the isolation and distraction of working from home and the impracticality of working from a coffee shop. Coworking is the perfect assortment of community-driven employee culture, work-life balance, and productivity. Below we’ll expand on the benefits of coworking, identifying how members flourish in a coworking space.

1.  Flexibility

Flexibility in working space such as hot desks, office spaces, meeting rooms and event rooms ensures physical working needs of coworking members are always met. Twenty-four seven access (usually) means that members have complete control over when they work and can easily adapt to schedule changes. Coworking members encourage a sense of community, the atmosphere in a coworking spaces is more supportive rather than competitive.

It’s a misconception that coworking spaces should only be used by extroverts—coworking spaces suit all personalities. Coworking members report feeling more comfortable and are given more freedom to be themselves. For example: Introverts who prefer to work independently, yet still want to enjoy the energetic atmosphere of a coworking space gain the flexibility to do so. While extroverts who enjoy socializing and would like to more actively network can take part in regular networking breaks or sit in a more sociable area. Each coworking can adjust their seating and daily schedule to fit new work goals.

Coworking spaces are all about achieving a better work-life. Members feel happier, more motivated and this rubs off on their productivity.

2.  Sense of Belonging

Coworking spaces become a collective space where employees share a unique experience with each other. Belonging is a universal psychological need and has a larger influence on productivity than you think.  Collectiveness in work cultivates a communal spirit, members feel less lonely and enjoy more professional and social support.

To create belonging, coworking spaces encourage two types of interactions. Firstly, you have planned events such as group coffee breaks, happy hours and networking events. Good community managers will create events specifically to help members meet. The types of interactions is anything that is spontaneous. Sharing lunch at the cafeteria, crossing paths in the elevator, saying “good morning.” Every queue for a coffee is a networking opportunity!

3.  Shared Work = Meaningful Work

People in coworking bases such as freelancers or business owners are more likely to be doing work they care about. People who are following their own business venture bring more conviction and personality into their working space.

Compared to a traditional working space where everyone in the space is working under the same organization, coworking spaces have a lot of variety concerning business ventures and projects. This makes different individuals or groups have a stronger work identity.

As humans we take a lot of meaning from helping others. In coworking spaces, providing solutions or assistance between separate parties is normal and help is usually easier to come by as there is a greater variety of expertise in the space. Serving others in a coworking space helps create strong professional relationships that reinforce the communal aspect of coworking.

4.  Innovative and Convenient Workspaces

In traditional offices, staff members have less control if not no control over both the interior or working atmosphere. From freelancers and startups to corporate entities, coworking spaces have facilities that are practical for any party.  Coworking spaces accommodate all kinds of professionals. Most coworking spaces offer workstations, conference rooms and recreational areas to make any type of work schedule convenient.

In coworking spaces, there are several options available to suit your preference of work be it working in a quiet pod, or out on a common desk. When such people come together under one roof, things turn interesting as co-working spaces strive to provide customized solutions to everyone.


Awesome coworking cultures and coworking communities are made from the flexibility,  comfortability, networking opportunities, and productivity within. Coworking is currently on the rise, even corporate entities now have a large presence in coworking spaces. When both traditional office spaces or working privately from home aren’t practical for one’s aspirations, coworking is the solution that achieves comfortability, productivity ,and better well-being. If you’d like to flourish in your own business adventure and connect with link-minded people, consider becoming a member at your nearest coworking office space.

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