Key Features of a Baby Monitor


It can be surprising how much stuff can a little fellow need. From crib to a baby swing, and feeding chairs, the lists goes on. Another such essential is a baby monitor. Designed for safety and peace of mind, baby monitors let the baby’s cry reach you, indicating when the baby is awake. 

For a new parent, it can be a daunting task to look for a suitable baby monitor with all the varieties available out there. To help you make the right selection, with the help of babymonitorsrev.com, have assembled the key features of a baby monitor that you need to look for. 


  • Batteries


We have rechargeable, replaceable, and socket-powered batteries. Keep in mind that baby monitors, along with their handsets, will be mostly in use. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for models with rechargeable batteries or those that can be plugged-in. Otherwise, you may require replacing the batteries very often. Apart from that, a baby monitor with ‘low-battery indicator’ comes notably handy to let you know when the device is about to die.


  • Frequency


Having multiple devices with the same frequency increases the chances of distortion and cross-talk between them. In the case of baby monitors, you would definitely not want that. Therefore, we need monitors that have different frequency band than most of our devices at home, such as cell phones that follow a standard frequency of 2.4 GHz. Luckily, baby monitors are available with a frequency lower than the standard limit that offers clearer sound quality.


  • Audio/Video monitors


As the name suggests, audio baby monitors will detect and report the sound only. Meanwhile, a video baby monitor comes with a small camera to record and display video along with recording the sound. It works for both the video and audio but is generally more expensive as well. You can purchase either one according to your budget.



  • Portability


A baby monitor with corded power supply limits the places where you can take it. It becomes too problematic to find a power supply every time you go on a trip with the baby. Also, you may not want the baby monitor to stay fixed at only one place. Thus, you can look for baby monitors with rechargeable or replaceable batteries since they are convenient for travelling.



  • Multiple receivers


With multiple handset receivers, both the parents can have one for each of them. Or, you can place one in your bed while taking the other one around with you. In case one of them is damaged, you’ll have the other one as a backup, so its always good to have an extra receiver. 



  • VOX mode


A baby monitor with VOX mode will alert you immediately at the first sound from the baby, indicating that the baby is awake. It is a useful feature to have noting that you tend your baby at once when you are reported. 


Hopefully, the above-stated key features of a baby monitor will help you make the right purchase. With that said, know that there is no alternative to adult supervision. While a baby monitor can make things easier for you, it’s best not to depend on it too much. Remember, safety comes first, so make sure to keep any cords of baby monitor away from the crib or baby.


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