Is WebWatcher the right tool for you? 


If you’re using WebWatcher, you need to determine how to install webwatcher on Android. The internet is one of the most incredible places where you can learn about different horizons. However, it also provides the opportunity to different places like private chat rooms, instant messengers and social media platforms. 

What is WebWatcher? 

WebWatcher, over the years, has become one of the most prominent social media platforms that provide the benefit of parental control. With this platform’s help, you can easily prevent your children from befriending strangers on social media. With the help of this platform, you can gather or collect information from the target device. It is one of the secure platforms where you can get a wide range of information. 

The prominent features of WebWatcher have contributed to the rising popularity of the app. Some of the prominent features that provide the tracking feature through WebWatcher include the following

  • Call Log Monitoring
  • Photo Recording
  • SMS text messages
  • App Monitoring
  • Web History Monitoring

Is WebWatcher free to use? 

WebWatcher isn’t a free platform. However, you can enjoy the benefits of the trial feature, but there are premium versions. There are two pricing plans of WebWatcher- $59.95/ 3 months and $129.95/ 12 months. 

These plans are incredibly compatible and provide core and advanced features. With this app’s help, you can keep a check on unlimited data storage for a particular period. 

What are the pros and cons of WebWatcher? 

If you’re considering using WebWatcher for monitoring your children or others, you should know about the benefits and drawbacks involved in the platform. 

Some of the common benefits of WebWatcher include the following.

  • The platform does not require any jailbreak mode. 
  • The platform is compatible with different devices and across different platforms (iOS and Android)
  • You can remotely access the data of the target device.
  • Will immediately send out warnings if any suspicious activity is detected. 
  • Helps to monitor the web activities as well. 

What are the cons of using WebWatcher? 

WebWatcher can prove to be extremely beneficial. But sometimes, it is also accompanied by certain drawbacks. These drawbacks may eventually hamper the functioning of your device. This includes the following

  • Antivirus and other security platforms should be disabled for the installation of the app. 
  • The installation of this app can cause the target phone to lag. 
  • The parental control feature of the app isn’t as effective as compared to other platforms.

Is WebWatcher reliable? 

If you want to use WebWatcher to keep a check on your children or loved ones, it is one of the most reliable platforms to use. Compared to other apps, WebWatcher is extremely beneficial and provides a wide range of features. 

WebWatcher is furthermore compatible with various Apple and Android devices. Ensure that you follow the application’s privacy policies so that it doesn’t terminate the guidelines. Nonetheless, there’s no proof of whether the application is compatible with PC and Mac devices. 

WebWatcher is one of the most secure platforms that you can use in today’s time. However, make sure to adhere to the privacy standards as set by the device to prevent anonymity. 

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