Is reflexology therapy worth to do?


The pressure that applies to different areas with good levels on the feet, ears, and hands with a constant massaging is known as reflexology. Where these body parts are connected to the other organs in the body system. The people who are taking care of these to others are called reflexologists. These reflexologists and a survey are proving that applying pressure on the different parts of the organs makes lots of health benefits. This article is going to break down some of the health benefits and other notes about reflexology massage therapy San AntonioContinue the reading for better understanding.

Benefits by reflexology:

Many of the potential benefits are linked with reflexology, but in that, there are a few that had been elevated by the scientific studies. The things which had been proved with evidence are listed down.

  • This helps to reduce the stress level and anxiety
  • Reducing the pain in the muscle areas
  • To generate and lifting the mood this works wonder
  • To improve the general well being this gives best results

Other than these people had been reported in some of the benefits of their views. Those major points are mentioned here.

  • This massaging therapy helps to boost the immune system properly
  • Many of the cancer patients are getting recover by this system
  • For the people with an easy attack of bacterial infections and cold, this makes them get over
  • Clearing the sinus and asthma issues
  • Correcting the hormonal issues
  • Boost up the fertility
  • Improvement in the digestive system
  • Getting rid of arthritis pain
  • Curing the nerve problem
  • Treating the numbness due to cancer medicines

Though it has many good things around this particular massage therapy, it gives the equivalent but mild side effects after the treatment that includes mild headaches, tenderness in feet, emotional imbalance for very few people. But after a very short duration, these issues are getting away and the patient coming back to the normal state.

So at the bottom line for this, reflexology is good to cure many of the basic and higher-end diseases but still, there is no scientifically proven medical treatment but as of the studies can breaking out this makes a complementary for the drug less treatment for the stress and anxiety.

But there is a point for everyone who wants to go through this treatment. If a person is interested in this reflexology then they have to look for a properly trained reflexologist they work better on your body without simply collapsing things. As for choosing the chiropractor, this reflexologist choice is also considered very properly. If you have still any doubt you can simply get the suggestion from your doctor and get the best person to treat your body with good massaging.

In some of the reputed areas, you have to get the appointments before meeting the reflexologist for the treatment. During that case take all your medical files and handover it to them before they start to give the treatment so by that records they can understand your body position. So, it is clearly said that for some basic issues this therapy worth trying.

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