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Regardless of the size of your company, you require staff to do business support, documentation, and other administrative duties. Some companies hire in-house staff, but a more practical option is to outsource them from an external party. That is why if you are looking for secretarial services in Hong Kong, you should consider outsourcing from only the best providers.

3E Accounting Limited is an accounting firm in Hong Kong that offers the services of a Company Secretary for a specified period. And because 3E Accounting Limited is a verified Hong Kong corporate service provider, you can be sure that the staff they assign as secretaries are well-trained and adept in administrative work.

How Can 3E Accounting Hong Kong Help You?

As a corporate service provider in Hong Kong, 3E Accounting Limited offers various ways to help your business. Here are some of the services that you can expect from 3E:

  • Business Advisory. More than just a Hong Kong secretarial company, 3E Accounting Limited is also a leader in business advisory. The secretarial staff from this company can provide you with insights about the current state of the corporate world.
  • Getting Started with Business Registration. Even if you have not fully established your business yet, you can count on the service provided by 3E to help you get started. The company secretary you will hire can spearhead the registration works so that you can focus on other important tasks.
  • Company Incorporation. A lot of businesses in Hong Kong operate under the private limited company structure because it is advantageous and scalable. Should you decide to restructure your business, 3E is capable of processing the necessary documents to push through with your incorporation.
  • Renewal of Licenses. Business licenses are not permanent. You need to get them every time they expire so you could continue your operation. The secretaries from 3E are equipped with years of experience in license renewal, ensuring that you can depend on them.
  • Bookkeeping and Taxes. Companies are required to do accounting and to pay taxes regularly. Most business owners know that this is a hassle because of the enormous amount of paperwork involved. With the secretaries from 3E, worry not: they got it covered for you.

Packages You Can Avail

Being a Hong Kong accounting firm, 3E Accounting Limited has laid out several options for businesses interested in availing their secretarial services. This flexibility is one of the things that make 3E a top choice in the industry.

Here are the packages that are available for those companies needing accounting or secretarial staff.

  • Year-Round Package. If you need a secretary to work with you for the entire year, then this package is what you need. At HK$ 1500, 3E will be able to provide you with a company secretary to help out with administrative and accounting work. Note, however, that you still have to shoulder the salary of the secretary.
  • Non-Routine Package. There are companies who only need secretarial services every once in a while, and this package is for them. The package fee will depend on the nature of the work you want to do. For instance, processing the change of business activities will only cost HK$ 500 while changing the registered address will cost HK$800.

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