How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress and Decorations


Your wedding dress is special so you may want to preserve it. You may want to keep it for your daughter to wear on her wedding day or for your granddaughter to use as a christening gown.

Handle Your Dress with Care

The best way to ensure that you can preserve your dress is to take precaution before you say your vows. Avoid any stains. Make sure your dress is in the right garment bag. During the wedding, you should wait until the last minute before you put your dress on.

Keep Your Dress Safe after the Wedding

Use a garment bag instead of wrapping it in plastic. Hang it property or lay it flat. To get your dress cleaned after the wedding, leave it to the cleaning experts. One wrong move could make a stain worse. The best way to deal with any stain is to get the dress professionally cleaned.

Consider Professional Preservation

With proper preservation, you can protect the dress from mildew, oxidation spots, dust, light, and yellowing. Since a wedding dress is so expensive having it preserved professionally can protect your investment. Even if you don’t plan on having anyone re-wear your gown, you can always pass it down for generations to have as memorabilia. There are different methods for preserving the dress. Some will vacuum sell the dress, while others place it in an acid-free box with acid-free tissue.

Be Careful with Public Storage

You want to make sure your public storage unit that your dress is being held in is safe from any extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity, and light. A dark, dry, and cool environment is best.

You can preserve more of your wedding décor besides just your dress. Frame your invitations and stationery, preserve your wedding bouquet, and be sure to keep some of your favors around.

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