How to Prepare for TS-EAMCET 2021?


TS-EAMCET stands for Telangana State Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test. The test is conducted by Jawahar Lal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, better known as JNTUH, on behalf of Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE).

Following are the brief highlights of the exam:

  • The test is conducted for students who wish to seek admission in medical, agricultural and engineering degree courses, such as B. Pharma, B. Tech, B.D.Sc and B.Sc. Honours at various private as well as state government colleges of Telangana. A complete list of courses offered by various colleges and universities that accept students through TS-EAMCET can be retrieved from the official website.
  • Around 300 private and state government colleges and universities accept TS EAMCET results for admission in the professional degree courses. A complete list of participating institutes can be checked from the official website.

TS-EAMCET 2021 Preparation Strategy

Students must make a proper study plan and follow a pre-decided strategy to clear any exam. With regards to TS-EAMCET 2021 preparation, the below-given strategy and tips can be followed by candidates aspiring to take admission in TS-EAMCET-affiliated colleges.

  • Go through the complete syllabus

Students are advised to first go through the entire syllabus of the subject group as per their wish: PCB for agriculture, medical, and pharma-related courses while PCM for engineering courses. As everyone must be familiar that not every topic or chapter carries equal weightage, candidates should prioritise topics as per their weightage in the TS-EAMCET examination.

TS-EAMCET official website contains all the relevant and required statistics with respect to the syllabus of the course. Making a priority list not will give you a proper path to preparation. Still, all increase your probability of scoring a good score even if you cannot complete the entire syllabus before the exam date. But please keep in mind that many chapters are interrelated to each other and hence serve as prerequisites to others.

  • Practice makes a man perfect

The ancient and golden proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect,” holds here as well. Students are advised to solve as many questions as possible for every topic they complete. Candidates can buy books designed explicitly for TS EAMCET 2021 containing various questions from every topic as per the exam’s outline. Competitive exams check your problem-solving ability and not necessarily your theoretical knowledge of the topic. Try to optimally utilise the time you have allotted to a portion of the syllabus to understand the topic and its subtopics as well as practice as many questions as possible.

To get a glimpse of how questions are actually asked in exams, students are also expected to download previous years’ papers from the official website and solve them.

  • Attempt mock tests

Applicants are advised to either purchase or borrow a test series from a reputed coaching institute/publisher and attempt mock tests regularly. Solving the mock tests will not only boost confidence but will also help candidates in analysing exactly where they stand out. It is advised that students should make a habit of solving mock tests on a daily basis after they have finished ⅓ of the syllabus. Solving these mock tests puts them in a better position to attempt the real exam. Apart from this, it also helps the candidates in understanding the very important aspect of a competitive exam that is time management and also the difficulty level of the paper.

To summarise the above points, TS-EAMCET 2021 preparation requires proper planning along with lots of hard work to walk on the plan. While learning and reading the chapters remain important to get a proper understanding, students should never forget the importance of practice, which plays a crucial role in getting the subject’s essence. As described above, practising not only makes students more confident but also helps analyse our problem-solving approach.

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