How to Obtain an Oklahoma Birth Certificate Fast


Even in the digital 21st century, it is still a smart idea to have easy access to your birth certificate.  A certified birth certificate is a recognized and necessary form of identification. There are two ways to obtain an Oklahoma birth certificate.

First, though, it is essential to note that by Oklahoma law, birth records are not public records and are, therefore, not open to the public for inspection. In fact, in Oklahoma, obtaining a birth certificate fraudulently is an offense that is punishable by state law.

The Division of Vital Records within the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is the governmental agency that has been tasked with the responsibility of administering a statewide registry of every Oklahoma birth. The Vital Records Division is also responsible for maintaining, updating, and issuing certified Oklahoma birth certificates as set forth by state law.

To request a birth certificate in the state of Oklahoma, the person making the request must present appropriate identification, which includes primary identification like –

  • A United States-Issued Driver’s license (current, or expired for less than three years), or Military photo ID.
  • A United States Passport, or Tribal Photo ID.
  • An Oklahoma State Concealed Carry Permit.
  • A Foreign Passport with Visa, or Resident Alien Card, or Temporary Resident Card.
  • Specific Employment Authorization Cards, among others.

Those who cannot meet the requirements of one primary identification, as noted above, can alternatively provide two secondary IDs, as indicated on the OSDH’s website. It is noted that secondary identification must disclose the requester’s address. Birth certificates requested by those who have qualified with secondary ID will be mailed directly to the requester’s address.

Additionally, the person requesting the birth certificate must be either be –

  • The subject, the parent, the stepparent, the grandparent, the adult child or the grandchild (with written authorization, if under 18 years of age) of the named individual on the birth certificate.
  • Someone executing the provisions of a court order.

Not too long ago, the only way to get a copy of an Oklahoma birth certificate was to submit the correct form, copies of the required forms, and pay the required fees to the Oklahoma State Department Health Division of Vital Records. And, this method requires that the requester wait up to four weeks to receive a hard copy of the certified birth certificate in the mail.

Now, however, one can apply online through a safe encrypted process and receive the certified birth certificate directly from the state by email in no time flat! The order process is fast, efficient, and the request is submitted to the appropriate state agency the same day.

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