How to Design a Luxurious Interior that Works for Your Lifestyle


Interior designers always seem to know exactly which piece of furniture would look best in which room and what art to pair it with. It can seem almost impossible to design a luxury space of your own without the knowledge of an interior designer. However, with some careful consideration, you can make your space, budget, and personal style work for you. These quick tips will get you on your way to creating a luxurious living space in no time.

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Make a Plan

Any interior designer will tell you that the first step is always making a plan. Before you go crazy with the buckets of paints and hauling in unnecessary furniture, take a good hard look at the space you’re working with. How many rooms are you planning on redesigning? How much do you want to change the aesthetic? And, perhaps most importantly, what is your budget for this project? Keeping these questions in mind will help guide your creative direction and steer you toward a functional area that looks intentional instead of accidental.

Consider the Lighting

Lighting is essential to good interior design. Without it, your room will fall flat and it’s unlikely that you or your guests will want to spend a lot of time there. The lighting will help to establish the mood and tone of the room. It can also work to visually change the size of the space. Do you want your small office to feel bigger and brighter? Go for bright lights that open up the entire room. Conversely, if you want to make your cavernous den feel a little cozier, opt for decorative dimmer lights that warm up the room. 

Mix and Match Textures

Interior design is just as much about the feel of a room as it is the look. If you really want to aim for luxury, you should set your sights on lush textures and bold statements. A mixture of natural elements like hardwood and stone alongside softer furs and velvet can create a compelling visual and tactile combination. You can also play with layers by stacking heavy curtains on top of lighter curtains to create dimension and depth around your windows. Mixing textures is most effective when you have a room with a monochromatic color scheme that you really want to make pop.

Go Big and Go Home

When you go to the museum or you are drawn to the tiny painting the size of a notebook? Probably not. Most people are impressed and enthralled by gigantic works of art that take up entire walls. While you might not want to turn over an entire section of your wall to a single painting, you can take a page from the book of your favorite artists and opt for bigger pieces to work as conversation starters. This is also a great option for people who are looking to create that luxurious feeling on a tighter budget since you only really need to buy one piece. 

Expand Your Space with Mirrors

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend. These little additions can work wonders for smaller spaces that don’t have many options for expansions but need more breathing room. You can place mirrors strategically within a room to reflect the light from a nearby window or floor lamp. The bigger the mirror, the more space you appear to have. Quality luxury furniture brands offer a variety of mirrors and mirror sets to match the style of your existing space.

Think Like an Interior Designer

If you’re ready to upgrade your space, but think you still might need a bit of help from a professional, our experienced team of interior designers at Nativa Interiors is always happy to help. With our expert decorating tips and expansive collection of luxury furniture brands, you’re sure to find the right pieces to match your unique style.


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