How to Choose the Perfect Basketball Shoes


Basketball is a game in which you have to maintain your speed, agility and faster moves. This is possible only if you are wearing the right pair of basketball shoes. mens basketball shoes are the foundation stone of the game. They can break your game so it is imperative at your part to choose the right fit for you. It may be a daunting task for many to choose the right pair of shoes. This is a trial and error process to find the ideal pair. This is $ 1 million question how to find the right companion in the form of shoes. After reading this article, you will look no further. This article will provide you all the necessary things you are supposed to know before choosing the right shoes.

You need to know about three things, the ankle collar, traction and cushion.

The ankle collar

You need to choose on the basis of your game and play style. After finding the perfect fit for you, you can give your hundred percent to the game by using full potential and skills.


  • High ankle shoes


As the name suggests this kind of shoes are designed to completely cover the ankle. Although, this will make the shoe a bit heavier, but it will also give extra support. Perfect cushioning will help you in playing center and forwards. You will get ankle protection while jumping and blocking shots. This will safeguard you from possible injuries.


  • Mid ankle shoes


These kinds of shoes are perfect for an all rounded performance in the game.


  • Low ankle shoes


This is perfect for those who want responsiveness in their games. Players who are supporting the offence and defense need to go for this design.


This is the bottom part of the shoe that is responsible to grip the floor and allows you to move swiftly. The traction pattern defines the grip of a shoe. If you need a shoe for a better grip, then it is advised to go for a multidirectional traction pattern.

You need to know simple things to help you to find a perfect pair of shoes within no time.


This is considered the backbone of shoes. The right cushioning will not only give a perfect fit, but it will make the usage of the shoes a lot comfort table. In mens basketball shoes the height and the bounce of the cushion are used for impact protection.


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