How to change your ring (is it worth it?)


Are your fingers too thin for the ring you ordered online? Or your lover was wrong when he made the choice of your engagement ring, and it is far too large? Too wide, the ring slips off your finger, does not hold in place and threatens to fall. To avoid losing your precious rings, which are too large, there are several quick and simple methods. And of course, it is always possible to have your jewellery shrunk by a professional. The size of the rings concerns both too large and too small jewellery.

Tips for Wearing an Oversized Ring

These tips will allow you to wear your ring far too large for your fingers. Of course, they are not miraculous, but these solutions are easy to implement and inexpensive. And besides, you will not have to remove metal or cut the ring.

Chock the ring

If it is slightly too large, wedge the ring with another adjusted ring. It can be a thin, very discreet guard ring, which is worn in front of the ring which tends to slide on your finger. Your engagement ring that has become too large can also be retained by your wedding ring, especially if the two pieces of jewellery are matched. Finally, you can opt for more showy rings, in a superposition of jewellery always very trendy. In Alexander Sparks, the availability is high when it comes to the best diamond ring. All it will take is the perfection of choice, which is, actually, your responsibility. This is the very best option that you can go for, and that is the reason you can expect the best in this case. We understand that there are a lot of you who don’t have the first-hand experience in choosing the diamonds and therefore, taking the suggestion of the experts happens to be an essential task.

Ring reducer and adjuster

In shops and jewellers, you can acquire discreet and practical accessories to reduce the size of your ring. It can be a silicone, plastic, coloured metal reducer. Transparent or imitating the metal of your ring, it is placed on the lower part of the ring, palm side of the hand.

An improvised solution to reduce a ring at home

It is also possible to make the equivalent of a ring reducer yourself. For example, wrap the bottom of the ring with a sewing thread until the ring is your size. You can also use glue: first, pass a layer of transparent nail polish on the inside of the ring and place a point of glue thick enough to fill the gap between the ring and your finger. A bandage, adhesive tape, etc. can also be used as a temporary ring adjuster.

Restore, Replicate, or Upgrade Engagement Rings or Wedding Bands

Divert the ring

At first, if your ring is really too large, but you do not want it to be shrunk by a professional; you can divert its use. It is ideal for continuing to wear a piece of jewellery that you love when you know that one day it will fit you again. The fingers gain volume and lose it in different circumstances. What’s more, you don’t always want to repair a ring that you inherited or received as a gift. The fact remains that, temporarily, you can wear this oversized ring to another of your thicker fingers; thumb for example. The ring can also be transformed into a pendant and worn as a necklace.

Cut to Size By a Professional to Shrink an Oversized Ring

Precious jewellery, such as a gold ring decorated with diamonds or precious stones, can be cut to size by a professional. Whatever the jewel, it can shrink the diameter of the ring. This obviously generates a loss of material; it is, therefore, necessary to study this solution before opting for it. Especially since your fingers may have to (re) gain volume afterwards.

Engagement ring, how to choose it

One of the most delicate moments in the relationship is the choice of which engagement ring to give. In this article, you will find interesting ideas not to make bad figures or make mistakes.

My girlfriend doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery, is it worth giving it away?

Sure! The engagement ring is not a normal jewel. It is a symbol. It represents the fact that you love her (or at least that you like her very much) and want to let him know how important it is for you. For this, you make a precious gift. She will perhaps wear it not out of vanity, but out of pride and will remind her how much you love her.

What material should be made of?

The choices are necessarily 3:

Yellow Gold: A classic, perhaps too much. If you buy one or more stones like diamond, he wants it to shine and be as white as possible. If the gold around it is yellow, the stone will lose its beauty, and the effect will be less. When to choose yellow gold? Only if your partner hates white gold.

White Gold: The queen choice, enhances the stones and is modern. The present is the future is white gold. With this choice, you have the maximum effect on your partner.

Platinum: Original choice, the reason for this choice in the past was the fact that platinum was worth more than gold. So you wanted to make an excellent gift and chose it. To date, the price of metal has fallen significantly and also its demand. Unfortunately, being a tough and difficult metal to work with, it has still high realization prices. Add the fact that over time it gets a little dull. Besides, if you want to sell it (We hope, but who knows), you will not easily find stores that repurchase it. Of course, we buy platinum, but few of us do.

What did you say, silver? Come on if you want to start your relationship badly and make her ashamed with friends then close the page now and look elsewhere.

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