How Feature Adoption Supports Customer Experience


The number of applications is rapidly increasing along with various features. A very less percentage of features are the attraction points of the majority of clicks on apps. The customer needs to be aware of the features that, in turn, bring revenue to the business too. So, it is very important to educate customers about feature adoption.

What is feature adoption?

Feature adoption is a user activation process that ensures the user convenience while using the application. The feature adoption rate can be measured by how frequently the target users adopt the features on every instance of app usage.

Feature adoption software enables the users to experience the “Aha!” moment by using the available key features exactly according to the intended purpose for which it is designed. 

Feature adoption is the key to customer experience

For the long-term success of your product, the most important thing is to increase the feature adoption among the users. Let’s see how you can do that:

  1. Best first impression: Surrounded by so many options, the user tends to ignore your super-advanced new feature. That’s why, it is important to ensure that the feature is easily accessible and gives users a reason to pay attention to it. 
  2. Promote available features: Opt for feature promotion strategy to promote an existing feature that is not getting attention from the users. Help your users to discover features they have not seen yet and guide them to use those features. 
  3. Accessibility to users: You should be readily accessible for your users in case they need you or want to give feedback about your feature. It helps in improving overall products’ packaging. 
  4. Provide better user experience: The features should be user-friendly. Users expect simple and practical features; therefore, better aesthetics provide them a quick intro of the feature and enable better decision making.

Considering all these pointers, it is always a good idea to understand your users and help them adopt the features of your product. The best way to do that is to use feature adoption software that makes the process user-oriented.


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