How Do You Snake-Proof Your Yard?


If you live in the Los Angeles area, you may have some concerns about snakes entering your yard. Although many types of snake are harmless, there are some venomous species of snake in the region that can pose a serious threat to your family. You may be especially worried if you have pets or children that often play in your yard.

So how can you make sure that snakes stay away from your property? If you don’t take the time to snake-proof your yard, you may end up needing to call for professional removal services. Luckily, when It comes to animal control Whittier California and the surrounding area has many experts.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Snakes are attracted to natural hiding spots, like tall grass, bushes, and piles of rocks or wood. One of the easiest ways to snake-proof your property is to ensure that snakes don’t have access to these types of hiding places. Dark, comfortable areas are invitations for snakes to come make themselves at home in your yard.

Keep your grass cut short and maintain any surrounding shrubs or foliage. Snakes love hiding amongst weeds and bushes. Any kind of plant that covers the ground would make a good hiding place for a snake.Other potential hiding spots to remove from your yard includemulch piles, stacks of firewood, and rocks.

Make Your Own Snake Repellent at Home

If you’re worried about snakes being attracted to your yard, a DIY snake repellent may solve your problems. There are lots of ways to deter snakes without having to buy expensive traps or dangerous chemicals. One way to keep snakes away is to soak rags with ammonia and leave them around the perimeter of your property. The smell from the ammonia will make snakes want to avoid your home.

If you have children or pets, using ammonia may not be the most ideal solution. Luckily, there are other methods for repelling snakes at home. Using simple items like plastic bags and human hair can do the trick. Snakes are sensitive creatures, and the smell, sight, and sound of these objects is disturbing to them. Try to make your own DIY snake repellent at home using only plastic bags and hair trimmings. You may be surprised at the effectiveness.

Hire Professional Snake Removal Services

It may be impossible to avoid snakes if your home is located in a populated area. Even if you keep your grass trimmed and try DIY snake repellents, there is no guarantee that every snake will avoid your yard. If you want to remove snakes from your property safely and effectively, contact trusted professionals to get the job done. Animal Capture Wildlife Control offers services to remove rattlesnakes and other snake species. If you need animal control, Whittier, Californiaoffers a wide range of options. To learn more about snake removal services in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, call Animal Capture Wildlife Controlat (310) 551-0901.

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