Guide to Selling Your Used Socks Online


Many pornstars have now hit the market selling their worn lingerie or sexy outfits online. Fans love it, and are begging for more each week. Those kinky guys who have foot fetishes love to buy items such as Nikki Sweet socks online, to help fantasize during solo play. This is why, if you’re a pornstar, you could really have a lucrative side hustle and get the most out of the items you wear for your shoots. Let’s take a look at why people buy used socks in the first place, and then we will give you some cool tips for selling your used socks.

Why People Buy Used Socks

Mostly, people with foot fetishes tend to purchase used socks online. For these guys, there is nothing sexier than the smell of feet, and especially the sweet odor of socks that have been worn all day. They may love the look of a woman’s feet in white socks, or long socks. With any fetish, combined with smell, it makes it all the more real.

4 Tips for Selling Used Socks

If you are considering selling your used pornstar socks online like the beautiful Nikki Sweet socks you can find online today, then you should check out these 4 tips we put together for you:

  • Share Great Photos. A really good photo grabs attention, and gets a click. Before anyone even reads the description or title, the photo will catch their eye.
  • Clear Descriptions. Make your descriptions easy to understand, and to the point. Mention the type of sock, what you did while wearing them and how long you wore them for.
  • Save the scent. Seal in the smell of your worn socks by using airtight ziplock bags, and then wrapping it in your pretties for your fan. When they get their package, they will be overwhelmed with the fresh scent of your gorgeous feet.
  • Engage your audience. Remember, engagement is key in anything. Let your fans know that you have your intimates up for sale, and they will come running your way.

Anyone of your fans who has a foot fetish, will love to buy a pair or two of your used socks, like anyone who likes Nikki Sweet socks to fulfill their foot fetish. So, if you have a great following, head on over to Fans Utopia today and get yourself approved to sell your used intimates online.

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