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Essays accompany our children throughout their school life, and often beyond. Many children find it very difficult to do this. A few simple basic rules will help you perform better on these samples.

What Are The Components Of Each Essay?

Really every GRE essay should have these three components in order to be well structured: Here the topic of the essay is briefly explained and a brief summary is given. In addition, the questions who, when, what are answered. The introduction should be meaningful, but not too long.

Writing Good Essays Can Be Practiced

The main part tells the story, describes the process, characterizes people or later weighs opinions against each other. In narratives and stories, the main part contains the climax. Verbatim speech and meaningful adjectives bring the text to life. Finally, the most important elements are summarized again, your own opinion is expressed or the situation in the story is resolved. Like the introduction, the end should only contain a few sentences.

How Do I Go About Writing An Essay?

At the beginning it is elementary to read through task carefully. What type of essay is being written? What information do I have about the content? If a text interpretation is written, the text should also be read carefully at the beginning.

Afterwards, a short plan for the structure of the essay should always be drawn up; a writing plan is very helpful here. Alternatively, mind maps can also help with the most important key points, but this method is more suitable for secondary schools than primary schools. The task is clear, the plan is in place, and then you can start writing. First of all, a suitable heading should be found that arouses curiosity about the text. Finally, it is advisable to read the entire text again. Here, however, it is primarily about correcting any spelling errors or individual formulations, rather than rewriting the entire text in panic.

Personal Descriptions

In a person description, as the name suggests, people are described as clearly as possible. It is a matter of observing as closely as possible and translating what you have noticed into language. Personal descriptions are written for both real people and fictional characters. Detailed information and observation as well as adjectives are particularly important here in order to make the text clear. In contrast to characterization, which aims at the internal characteristics of a person, this is only about the external characteristics.

Stimulus Word Stories

Stimulus word stories are essays that are written using given words. Here it is of course important that all stimulus words actually appear in the essay and play a role. The content of the story is basically free; the story should only be exciting and lively. The stimulus words serve to stimulate the imagination.

Experience Narration

In the experience narration, an experience that the children have best experienced is told in writing. The topics are very different; an experience from the last vacation is often described. It is important that the essay is lively, clear and exciting. Elements such as literal speech and adjectives help with this.

Picture Stories

With this type of essay, a story must be told using one or more given images. If there are several pictures, the order of the pictures must be followed when writing the story. The pupils can use the pictures to think of the plot themselves. It is important to have precise descriptions and, in order to make the essay lively and exciting, the use of literal speech and adjectives.

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