Four Awesome Tips to Organise your Kitchen


Organising the kitchen will make it easier to find utensils and supplies, allowing for faster food preparation and cooking. Also, it improves the overall look of the space. It might seem a big chore; however, here are tips to help you do the job more easily and effectively:

Organise the Kitchen Drawers

Start with the smallest places first. Free up places for storing all the rest of the things you will be cleaning out. Also, it offers confidence. As you start organising the drawers, throw or give away things you do not use or look for a way to keep them. Ensure each drawer only has one use. Organise the drawers by purchasing kitchen organisers. These products include the following:

  • Drawer divider. You will find this useful if you want to organise the drawers in your own way. It can separate spices, dishcloths, towel, big spoons, and other items. 
  • Utensil organiser. This organiser can be removable and easy to clean or adjustable to any drawer size.
  • Small containers. You can use small plastic containers to organise items that might roll around in a drawer too much. You can use them to organise small random things in the kitchen such as rubber band sand batteries. 

Organise the Cabinets

Just take one cabinet at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Clean as you go and get rid of some things. Consider buying kitchen cabinet organisers to separate the dishes and help you find what you need faster. These include spice racks, plate organisers, cutting boards, and flat cooking sheets. When organising your pots and pans, create deep pull-out drawers with drawer organisers. Make sure not to install too many cabinets. Also, overstuffing cabinets will result in disarray and more disorganisation.

Organise the Kitchen Counter

Start by removing and putting away everything that you see in the counters. Ensure there are no loose items on them. Wipe down everything to get them clean. Then, decide how often you use everything that is sitting out. If you haven’t used the food processor more than once in the past four weeks, store it in the pantry. 

Create a Working Workflow

Rearrange the countertops and see if you could establish a more efficient workflow when you move things around. Then organise the pantry. Even if your pantry is not directly in the kitchen, it should be kept organised.  A well-organised pantry is beneficial in terms of both aesthetics and function. 

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