Exterior Paint Trends in 2021 For A Modern Bold Home


Your home is your lifelong dream and also a great investment. Therefore, any decision you make should be well thought off. And, this is where your home exterior paint (สี ทา ภายนอก, which is the term in Thai) comes into play. The right exterior paint can say a lot about your taste increase the curb appeal of your home and in the long run, will help you get good returns too. But, with time, the trends of paints are changing, people do not go for yellows which used to be a must in grandma’s kitchen, and if you want some inspiration, here are some of the exterior paints which would be a 2021 hit.

Charcoal Grey

This is one of the most popular ones you will come across that have been a top trend in 2020 as well. It can slowly transform any home from just a house to your ultra-modern home. This is a unique shade because it is just not one color but an amalgamation of black, grey along with hints of dark blue. It is currently seen in some of the most modern houses and is a big-time extravagant hit.

All White

Nowadays, people want simple and minimalistic designs that will show their test yet not be too much. And, when it comes to minimalism, the type of color you choose could have a huge impact on both your interior as well as exterior. People are moving towards neutral colors more. White is therefore now considered the most stylish among all for all kinds of ultra-modern houses.


Now, if you are reading magazines and going through articles on 2021 exterior paint trends you would know the variations of blue-grey are very much a hot topic right now. Blue and grey have always been a very elegant color and the amalgamation of them is an extravagant one.

Sage Green in Earthy Tones

The soothing and sophisticated tone is what has occupied the attention of people and is one of the trendiest colors one could go for in 2021 and beyond. It is an exquisite color which would make your house stand out among many and increase the attractiveness while making it more fashionable.

There are numerous ways to add flair to your home and accentuate it and make it a unique one. And, these are some of the trends to follow that will stay not just in 2021 but hopefully beyond that too. Not just the walls, you could add these colors to the door and the windowpane and enhance it in a very interesting way.

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