Create an Original Resume to Improve your Chances of Landing a Job


Creating an effective and original resume has several advantages. We are giving details in this article.

Making an Original Resume

It helps you show your personality. An effective and original CV, whether online or in print, can be summed up in 4 words: concise, clear, unique and neat. Moreover, if you want to create an original CV, leave a positive impression at first. Apart from that, a good CV should make it possible, in just a few seconds, to know who you are dealing with. 

What are the keys to get hired?

For this, no secret: 

If you want to get the job you are applying for, you need a square, clean and structured presentation, and above all, no frills. Get straight to the point: sobriety and simplicity must be your credo. Your CV should make sense, and pay attention to the spelling, and choose your vocabulary precisely. Be factual about the dates, places, details, and if possible use figures.

Regarding your training or experience, they must be indicated from the most recent to the oldest. You can detail the knowledge acquired, and the skills developed or past achievements → be concrete, again and again. Your CV should embody tangible proof that you are right for the job.

Create an effective CV on the internet: always adapt to the job offer

Do not fall into this common trap: send a generic CV, identical for all job offers. This is a very common mistake, especially when you are a young graduate, but it is underperforming.

You will then be immediately noticed by the recruiter, who will see that your application has been sent to all companies, without any distinction. To help you create a unique CV that is for the job offer, you can use a good cv editor online such as CV creator. Apart from that, there were resumes using the Facebook or Twitter model, video resumes, the video pitch that accompanies the document, etc.

Creating a personalized CV allows you to demonstrate your interest in the position (you have made inquiries about the company and the recruiter’s expectations). You can also show your motivation by taking the time to adapt your application.

Be more convincing, by presenting your career in an angle better suited to the job offer.

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