CommitMental Telugu web series is mind-blowing on AHA


If you enjoy watching Telugu rom-coms, you are in for a great surprise. CommitMental is out on AHA, which is a remake of the popular show Permanent Roommates. Telugu remakes and dubbed creations are gathering increasing engagements along with original productions.

The Telugu audience base is a lively lot with a constant demand for entertaining releases. A Telugu actor’s fame can be attributed to their devoted fan base who keep on awaiting a new movie. Telugu movies and shows have created a global standard with unique plots and sarcastic dialogues exploring various genres.

Many directors with small budgets employing new themes have had access to international premiers as well. In these recent times, however, most of the premieres are usually out onto OTT sites due to greater reach and effortless streaming of  Indian webseries.

CommitMental – A relaxing watch

A 2020 remake, CommitMental is a refreshing Telugu rom-com. It is a sweet story entailing the journey of Anu and Phani. The script uses goofy scenarios and bitter-sweet arguments to lift up the viewing experience for the audience. The season follows through with obstacles in the way of the couple’s daily relationship.

The web series is a raw insight into the lives of urban Indian millennial couples. The leads are a perfect pair with differing ideologies who struggle to manage their ways in order to stay together. While Anu is a yoga fanatic with commitment issues, Phani is a submissive man with insecurities. Season one starts with a marriage proposal from Phani, which Anu accepts reluctantly. It progresses through a mutual decision not to get married.

PunarnaviBhupalam does an excellent job with her realistic acting skills, while UdbhavRaghunandan delivers a convincing performance as Phani. The supporting actors are equally helpful in packing the story tight. The TVF remake is a comfortable watch as it explores the dimensions of the relationship of Gen-Y couples. Absorbing and amusing, CommitMental is an essential guide on millennial relationships.

AHA – Choose your pick across genres

Searching for a variety of Telugu shows to stream? Checked out AHA, did you? AHA is an exclusively Telugu-specific platform providing unrestricted viewing for its local audience. OTT platforms have made movies and shows available to us 24/7. With massive options to choose from, these sites charge a minimal fee to operate.

OTT sites providing on-demand videos offer a wide range of benefits compared to traditional streaming mediums. AHA, for example, lets you access original content that is quality-approved and break-free. It also enables subscribers to choose from a wide range of customized content that free users can’t access.

AHA is a 2020 launch that provides added features like parental control. It is a safe streaming space that allows for simultaneous browsing from a single account. AHA offers updated local content with subtitles for user comfort. Such features are the primary reason for the growth of the local content viewership amongst other states. Catch up on your local favorites without a worry! Watch CommitMental web series today streaming only on aha.

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