Coil parking protectors


Rubber parking blocks or garage protectors, there are many models, applications, shapes, colors, and prices. In the middle of the crisis, the customer is very price elastic and often does not look at such important aspects as durability and effectiveness against bumps and scratches.

Garage protectors made of elastomeric rubber are high-quality products, which help minimize the risk of chafing and bumps on vehicles during parking maneuvers in garage spaces.

The protectors of garage in continuous or in coils can cover large areas to be of fireproof materials.

They have physical characteristics that make them safe from bumps, just like the traffic bump, scratches, and wear. In addition, they are easy to cut with a good scissor, a cutter, or a knife.

Adhesive car

Among its main features is that it comes standard with an extra-strong adhesive car, which allows a faster, cleaner, and easier installation.


The elastomeric rubber, the main component of the foam absorbing impacts and chafing, allows to be easily molded to round or square columns, as well as flat or convex walls. The outer face is lined with a resistant 600 gram PVC tarpaulin, which in its standard colors can be with yellow/black or white/red beacon stripes, very appropriate as a parking protector. Still, depending on the quantities, different colors can be chosen to the standard. It comes in coils of 10 or 25 meters, although the option of sale by meters is available

Without a doubt, this is one of the best options that can be used as a protector for both the structure and finishes of garages and vehicles.

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