Be Careful in Following Diet Fads and the Need for Clean Drinking Water Using Berkey Water System


There are plenty of ways to lose weight. Usually, it’s a combination of a balanced diet and exercise. Some people hesitate to exercise because it’s exhausting. Others don’t have time to do it. Hence, it paved the way for the rise of diet fads. These diet plans claim to be effective, and many people are enticed to use them. Before you hop on the diet train, you should be careful. These diet plans might have a terrible impact on your health. If you want to lose weight, start by cutting unhealthy foods and beverages. Soda and alcoholic drinks are a big no. Plain drinking water would suffice. Having a Berkey water system at home allows you to have clean water any time you want.

Letting go of sweetened and preserved drinks can do wonders for your health and help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s not enough, but it’s a good start. Trying diet fads should be avoided. These are some possible risks and effects of using inappropriate diet techniques.

You don’t have the right body type

Just because the diet plan worked with one person doesn’t mean it will do the same. You can have the opposite results. It’s due to your body type. Not all bodies are designed for that diet plan. For instance, some plans involve the elimination of carbohydrates. It can help reduce weight, but also affect your health. Going vegetarian might also help, but if you don’t understand what you eat, you could be at risk. You’re losing a primary protein source, so you should replace it with something else. Talk to your doctor if the diet plan would work for your body type, or if it leads to terrible results.

You might have underlying conditions

If you have underlying medical conditions, you have more reasons to be careful. Your condition might worsen as a result of your efforts to lose weight. If you have heart problems, you should eat healthily. Starving yourself or eliminating some foods could be detrimental to your health. Besides, you already have tons of restrictions as a result of your condition. For instance, if you have diabetes, you’re not allowed to take too much salty or sugary foods. You should also avoid coffee, alcohol, and sweetened beverages. These restrictions are more than enough to alter your diet plan. There’s no need to have more.

The testimonials and reviews are paid 

You might feel confident about the diet plan because there are testimonials. The words left by those who testified were glowing, and you feel tempted to try. Add to that the images showing their changes before and after following the diet plan. Before you try doing it yourself, you have to understand the risks. It’s also possible that these people were lying about the effects. They got paid to promote the diet fad. Besides, you weren’t there to witness the person’s efforts to see these changes through. You won’t know if those results were achieved through exercise and other diet techniques. You will be surprised that you didn’t end up with the same results.

These diet plans weren’t scientific

If you notice, most of these diet plans are endorsed by celebrities, fitness trainers, or some random online personalities. Most of them don’t have any formal training related to diet and nutrition. It means that they can’t recommend the best diet technique. If they want to prove the effectiveness of what they promote, there should be a series of studies with random samples. The results should be carefully analyzed before these conclusions are reached. Otherwise, you can’t count on what they’re promoting to be effective.

You will starve yourself

Some diet fads promote starvation. Sure, it helps if you delay food intake for a few hours, but it’s not good to starve yourself. The worst part is that you will only make it up later by eating more if it’s your window. Starving could also lead to peptic ulcers and an increase in the acid level in your body. You might notice a drop in weight for a while, but it’s not a long-term and sustainable solution.

You could develop illnesses 

Before doing the diet plan, you were healthy. You might not be at your ideal weight and body shape, but you’re not feeling anything wrong. After the diet technique, you start to develop some health issues. It starts with the digestive problems that you didn’t use to have. You could even have some heart problems because of your food choices. Your body easily crashes due to the lack of certain nutrients. You can’t take these risks in your efforts to lose weight.

You won’t be happy

Sure, you’re starting to see positive effects on your weight, but you’re not feeling happy. You always have mood swings because you’re not eating right. You also feel deprived all the time. Your mood swings could adversely affect your relationship with other people. You start to look better, but your attitude took a hit. If this is what weight loss looks like, it’s not worth doing.

You can still achieve your goals

Just because you have to avoid these diet fads doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight anymore. You will still achieve your goals through other means. Start by talking to your doctor about your plans. You will receive competent advice on how to lose weight and remain healthy. Visit your nutritionist too. You need someone to come up with a diet plan to help you. These people are experts in analyzing body types and determining the types of dishes that wild be beneficial to a person.

Most of all, you should exercise. It’s never enough to rely on your diet plan to lose weight. You don’t have to do the intense exercises. Simple routines would suffice. As long as you do them well and you’re consistent, you can see changes. Be optimistic about your plans, and don’t give up.

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