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The types of westinghouse igen4500 generators are divided into different classifications, below, each of them and their differences are described that will help you to have a broader concept of the wide variety of electric generators that currently exist.

According to the type of voltage:

It is the one that is usually used for homes and companies that do not house large amounts of people or machinery. This generator is made up of three single-phase alternating currents that have the same frequency and amplitude. This type of generators are used in power plants, as they are very large and high-power motors, it is also used in industry. They are perfect for any type of power tools, like the best sander for wood

According to the boot:

This type of start is common in low-power equipment since it can be done with or without a load switch. It is also the cheapest, but at the same time also the most complicated to put into operation since it requires a specialist to take care of the proper connection of the device so that it operates correctly.

Simple electric start

It is appropriate for the highest powers due to its capacity. It is characterized by its ease of use, you just have to press the start button to start.

Automatic electric start

These igen4500 generators must be configured to withstand the maximum load avoiding an overload since sometimes it is one of the main failures that they present, you must take that particular care so we advise you to get well-trained people in this field.

According to its special characteristics:


These generators have the particular characteristic of being made of a material that absorbs sound waves, thus mitigating the noise that comes out, thus obtaining a generator that hardly makes noise when working.


The generators that have this technology are designed to meet the most specific needs of electronic devices such as computers or Smartphone that guarantee the quality of the electrical energy they receive.

This protects these devices from suffering damage due to increases or decreases in voltage, suppressing power peaks and providing the electronic device with a constant current of energy.

According to your mobility:


Due to their measurements and weight, they can be easily transported from one place to another; even some models in this category usually include elements that help to facilitate their transport, such as handles or wheels.


They are the largest, increasing the difficulty of transporting them, offering greater power and resistance, being the most suitable for tasks that require greater energy demand.

What are electric generators for?

You may wonder what the main uses that these westinghouse generator igen4500 electric generators can have depending on the model and version, since there is a special one for each need. These serve in a general way, as an emergency system in the event of a failure in the electricity supply, in the industry so that machines and tools never stop.

Providing energy to transport such as motorhomes, maritime vessels, and in homes where the electricity grid has not yet arrived.

  • Shops and companies from various sectors
  • Residences with little infrastructure, that is, they do not have an electrical network
  • Portable generators for construction or mining, or for leisure
  • Mobiles for military use

Where are the electric generators?

The electric generators have become a basic part of our urban landscape without us even have given account. In most businesses, schools and industries have electric generators that are tasked with providing backup power. This type of technology acquires more importance in places that offer health services, such as hospitals, where an electrical blackout could end the lives of many people if this type of system did not exist.

They have become indispensable elements for various sectors that require an alternative energy source to carry out their normal activities, either due to lack of supply in the network or due to a failure. For example, you constantly find them in construction, since in most places where construction begins; there is not yet the necessary network to supply the construction machinery, so they are an indispensable element in this sector.

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