Can You Have A Female Best Man 


Can the best man be a woman? Absolutely. There are plenty of guys who have female best friends. When bucks party ideas are brought up, they are more suited to male entertainment. It can be awkward for a female friend to plan a night that is purely centred around things that men fantasize about. 

What do you call a female best man?

Best woman? Isn’t that the other name for the maid of honour? Semantics aside, if she is part of the groomsmen she should be called the Man of honour. That sounds even more ridiculous so, let’s just leave it at best friend. 

Is it acceptable to have a best man who is a woman?

We are in the 21st century and things have changed a lot. No one should give you a hard time for choosing your female best friend as your best man. If you can choose to have more than one best friend these days, what does it matter if it’s a woman? 

Can she organise a bucks night?

Of course, as the “chosen one the” role of chief bucks night planner falls on her lap. You know your friend better than anyone and she know you too. She probably knows a couple of things you wouldn’t want people to know. She may even know your secret sexual proclivities, heck she may be the kind of gal who gets rowdy in a strip club. 

Can she hold her liquor or will everyone have to contend with wine and cocktails? Maybe she can drink with the best f them or not. This is besides the point. The reason for a bucks night or bucks weekend is to have fun, not just to drink and look watch strippers. Strippers may be an important part of a bucks party Melbourne packages but, they are not the main part. 

There are other bucks party ideas that will appeal to any gender.

#1. Go karting

Racing go karts is fun. Make an afternoon of it with the guys and put in an hour or two on a go kart track.

#2. Zip wire

If you are looking for exhilarating, adrenaline pumping bucks party ideas try zip lining. If the idea of whizzing over the sounds too extreme for you, there are indoor zip wire facilities in Melbourne that offer a wide range of related experiences.   

#4. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become really popular in Melbourne. Get to know each other and bond as try to find and decipher clues to help you get out if the room. You don’t have to be a man or woman to participate so no one has to feel out of place. 

#4. Bubble football

Morning or bubble perfect is perfect for sports fanatic. It’s football that you play whilst you are inside a literal bubble. You can really go at it, without risking any injuries but it is hard to pass a ball when you are inside a bubble but having a bunch of guys try to chase a ball whilst inside giant bubbles can have hilarious results. 

#5. Boat party

A number of Melbourne bucks party organisers offer boat parties on the Yarra. You can literally have a party in the boat with lots of food, drinks and exotic strippers or you can have a floating gambling casino for the lot of your friends. Bucks party Melbourne packages might include some poker, roulette, baccarat. These cruises often take hours and are fun even if you suck at cards, there’s always other activities.

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