Best Sacred Plants Indoor found in Thailand


In the kingdom of plants, some are considered sacred and are used on several religious/ auspicious occasions. If you are someone spiritual, surely you will pick on the positive vibes these plants continuously give out that calms your mind, body, and soul. So, what is so special about sacred plants indoors? Going back in time, these are some of the plants that were used by people as a cure for some of the common diseases. Soon, people started growing them, and we have not stopped until now. Every part of the world has its own set of sacred plants, some can be grown outside and some inside. Here are some amazing sacred plants indoor (ไม้ มงคล ใน ร่ม, which is the term in Thai) from Thailand:

Kwak MorakotThe Emerald Kwak or Emerald Becket is one of the most auspicious trees planted in Thailand indoors. It grows in shade and has beautiful dark green broad leaves – ones that you see in the Instagram posts of the influencers. The tree is said to bring good luck, promotes your success in the workplace, and also is thought to bring you more money. It is also easy to grow and requires very care.

1.     Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plant is another sacred plant indoor that promotes wealth. It is said to bring you luck as its long vines grow and prospers. The leaf is deep green with white stripes, and a tip like an arrow. This beautiful house plant is auspicious and will beautify your interiors like never before.

2.     Wan Saneh Chan Daeng

Health is wealth and this plant brings you that in plenty. Wan Saneh Chan Daeng is an auspicious plant with red-green leaves and a crimson stem. It is said to wade off the evil that can harm you and it usually planted for good health. Popular amongst people as a house plant, it is considered as a compassionate plant that repels to your kindness you show to it – shower it with love and it blooms.

3.     Policies

The joy of plants – Polyscias brings you peace and safeguards you from evil. It is one of the most popular sacred plants indoors in Thailand and has jagged-edged leaves with a beautiful pattern on them that lightens up your home, office, or anywhere you put it.

4.     Wan Rich

As the name suggests, the tree is extremely auspicious and is said to bring you a fortune, good luck in your business. It is one of the best gifts for a friend or family owning a business. Dark green spots splattered across the light green leaves with blooming steam towering over it – it is surely one of the most beautiful house plants.

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