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Floors have always been in the process of innovation. There are several types, and kinds are available in markets that were not even imagined before decades. Along with new ones, old floors are also in the process of development. Think of those wooden floors shown in 50s movies and hardwood floors these days; both even don’t look like the same wood.

Thanks to the blessings of technology, floors have become more useful and loving. According to much research, it has proved that the first thing anyone notices about interiors is the floor. So no matter how much effort you put into curtains, windows, doors, or other decorative items and furniture, the floor will be the first thing to set an impression. For this reason, people are now paying more and more attention to types of floorings than before. The flooring industry has reached new peaks after so much demand, which caused much development in this sector.

Not only at homes, but commercial users are also paying much importance to their offices and workplaces. You spend almost half a day working there, so it is nice to have some refreshing sight to your eyes. Also, floors are now becoming one of the brand endorsements to many industries. For instance, take an example of some floor supplier office; a lovely floor with a decent amount of creativity will leave an impression on them. They might become your loyal customers and even spread the word to others.

 I have gathered a brief list of the trendiest flooring options for office in 2020:

Hardwood floors:

Hardwood floors are a very stylish choice for both home users and the commercial sector. The popular type of wood in offices is laminate wood flooring. It is constructed in layers and naturally designs resist moisture absorption. Solid hardwood and locking hardwood also look great in conference rooms and waiting areas. Among few perks of hardwood floors are:

  • Laminated floors are easy to install.
  • Laminated floors are available in different colors and patterns
  • Both layered and solid hardwood is durability
  • Due to availability in various types, you can opt for budget-friendly types

Vinyl or LVT Tiles:

Vinyl or LVT tiles are the synthetic type of floorings that get a firm grip in the commercial sector. It is famous for

  • Vinyl Tiles are one of cheaper alternative floors for offices
  • They are easy to maintain even in case of damage all you need is to change the particular tile
  • Not only maintenance LVTs are easy to clean.
  • Vinyl tiles are an excellent choice for dense traffic areas. That makes it an excellent choice for offices, hospitals, and schools.
  • Vinyl Tiles are available in different shapes, colors, and designs, making it a versatile choice for the office.

Carpet squares:

Carpet squares are quite a popular choice these days. Carpet Squares are small swatches of a rug made from large pieces of carpet. These carpet patches can be installed and combined in numerous ways. Carpet Squares are easy to maintain and provide acoustic advantages to your office area. Among a few of its benefits are

  • Carpet tiles are the DIY product you can easily install them by yourself
  • Squares are great sound insulators. Offices and commercial places are busy places, and carpet tiles help keep the foot noise low.
  • Maintaining a modular tile floor is as easy as vinyl tiles. No hectic cleaning, and in case of substantial damage, replace those tiles only.
  • Carpet Tiles are unique and creative types of tiles. They also provide aesthetic pleasure to every visitor in your office. Because of carpet squares’, shapes, colors, and formats, these become a cause of your brand’s popularity. Broadloom Carpets:

Broadloom Carpets

Broadloom Carpets are also famous in commercial sectors.

  • Broadloom may provide you all the benefits of carpets along with a uniform look.
  • If you are looking for something more formal and comfortable, broadloom carpets might be your first choice. They serve you as both carpets and tiles, but they are also an excellent cost-effective and durable option for flooring.


Finally, always try to choose the type that goes along with other décor themes of your office and which is practical for your workplace.

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