Benefits of a Concrete Driveway


When you are considering about driveway grid, you should give a thought to the concrete grid. Concrete is both durable as well as low-maintenance. It will require simply an occasional scrub and resealing annually according to the producer’s directions to avoid discoloration as well as increase weather resistance. If it is installed as well as preserved properly, your concrete drive will have a longer useful life expectancy, generally 25 to 50 years.

  • Price

The price of concrete driveway installment is moderate, pricier than a gravel drive yet less than pavers. It can range from 3-9 pounds per square foot or more, depending on conditions, which include the intricacy of the work, how much you are located from the cement plant, as well as whether you choose a special attractive concrete surface.

  • Technical Specs

Be sure to examine your local code requirements pertaining to dimensions and minimal compressive strength, and have your service provider draw any necessary licenses prior to beginning your installation for concrete driveway. Width for a single-car drive is approximately 8 to 9 feet and 15 to 18 feet for a two-car.

Site Preparation

Detailed prep work is vital for a strong concrete driveway. After the location has been cleared of plant life, wood forms need to be placed along the sides of your future drive site, complied with by a base of compressed gravel. The function of this necessary job is to guarantee that your driveway will be level, as well as well-drained.

  • Concrete Mix

Pouring off your driveway concrete mix should happen just after the preliminary preparation job has been completed. The quantity of concrete which you will require is established, not just by the length, as well as the width you need, yet additionally, the density of your slab. Work with a crew of seasoned concrete employees to spread out the mix in the wooden kinds, reinforce with steel bars or mesh, as well as complete the surface area. Control joints should be spaced at intervals of every 8-12 feet.

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