Why Putting on a Face Mask is Essential


When the US experienced the outbreak of swine flu in 2009, every individual was worried about how to lessen the spread of the virus. As per the CDC, the availability of the vaccine was limited to that period since the virus was not identified until manufacturers started creating the vaccine. Therefore, the majority of people started wearing surgical face masks to prevent the transmission of the virus.

With the current transmission of the new coronavirus, people are again searching for FDA approved custom face masks as a means of protecting themselves and others from the spread of the virus. Here are some of the reasons to wear a face mask.

Protecting the Community

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many public places require the use of a face mask to help control the spread of the coronavirus. Putting on a mask is an additional move-in lessening the spread of droplets that might be carrying the virus. By putting on a mask when you can’t physically distance from other people and cleaning your hands regularly, you’re protecting the whole community and the most vulnerable people in society.

Masks Prevent You from Touching Your Face

Touching your face is a natural face, and in most cases, people are unaware that they are touching the face. By putting on a face mask in public areas, you will limit the direct contact of touching the mouth and nose, which is the source of catching the coronavirus. By following the hand hygiene protocols and washing hands before and after the use of a face mask, you are taking an extra step to stop the spread of the disease.

Face Masks Offer a Reminder to Physically Distance

The act of seeing face masks in crowded places reminds people to keep distance. While masks assist when keeping a physical distance is not possible, the visual lets people be mindful and keep the distance from those outside the bubble, even when they have a face mask.

Face Masks Help Limit the Spread of the Virus between People, Surface and Objects

By putting on a mask, you’re not only lessening the spread of droplets from your mouth to other people, but you are also reducing droplets to surfaces that people might touch. Even when you are not sneezing and coughing, your speech can let droplets spread on objects you don’t realize that other people are touching. That’s why it’s encouraged to disinfect regularly touched surfaces.

Buying a Community Face Mask Supports the Local Business

Most small businesses have pivoted to meet demand and supply. By buying FDA approved custom face masks, you are assisting in making sure businesses survive this pandemic while protecting yourself.

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