Why Do eCommerce Websites Prefer Cloud Hosting?


eCommerce websites are some of the busiest websites among all others. There are very few web hosting services that can handle heavy traffic. Cloud Web Hosting is among the select few which thrives under pressure. It can do so because of its unique structure that employs multiple servers for storing site data. But its performance can also be attributed to optimisations that make the most of the resources available to it.

Cloud Hosting is a fast, robust and versatile platform that is adapted to serve various purposes. An SSD Cloud Server is an even faster variant. Cloud Hosting in India is slowly catching on as site owners have started recognising its potential. It can power anything from a basic blog to a media-heavy eCommerce website. Cloud Hosting providers in India are now offering more choices when it comes to hosting plans.

Let us look at some reasons which make Cloud Hosting a popular choice for eCommerce websites.

Blazing-fast performance

The importance of performance cannot be stressed enough for an eCommerce website. It is crucial for ensuring a seamless user experience, which in turn translates into more sales. Users saddled with patchy performance and unexpected site behaviour will abandon their shopping expedition out of sheer frustration. Cloud Hosting has access to resources of multiple servers and offers blazing-fast performance with optimisations.

The following video explains how Cloud Hosting affects site performance:

Fluid scalability

Cloud Server providers offer a great variety of plans. But the platform lends itself to easy scalability, enabling site owners to optimise their spending by starting with smaller plans. If a website looks to be running out of resources, it is easy to add more resources when the situation demands them.

Robust Security

Security is among the foremost considerations for eCommerce websites. They conduct thousands of online financial transactions daily and access to sensitive user data like addresses and bank details. Such data needs to be safeguarded against malware and hackers. Cloud Hosting offers robust security measures such as firewalls and data redundancy which ensures well-rounded protection for websites.

Enhanced reliability

What would you do if a website crashes during your online shopping spree? Frustration would be the perfect word to describe your reaction. For this reason, an eCommerce website must have a stable hosting platform that ensures reliable and consistent performance. Since Cloud Hosting uses multiple servers, even if one of those servers goes down, the website stays up and running.

Better value

While affordability is not an issue for eCommerce websites, they cannot deny better value. While Cloud Hosting competes with a Dedicated Server for performance, it competes with the others for affordability. This combination of high performance and low prices offers better value than most other hosting platforms. While this may not be a massive reason, it is, nonetheless, a reason for Cloud Hosting’s high preference in eCommerce.

So, as a platform, Cloud Hosting ticks all the right boxes for eCommerce websites. Not only does it offer enhanced performance, but it also backs it up with solid reliability and robust security. All these factors, together, are the reasons eCommerce websites prefer Cloud Hosting.

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