Why Business Laptops Are Better than Gaming Laptops


With the development of technology, laptops have become a part of people’s daily lives. According to their size, people divide them into desktop and laptop laptops. Desktop laptops are powerful, while laptops are portable. People divide laptops into business laptops and gaming laptops because of their different function.

Gaming laptops are those for gaming. They have more powerful performance and can run many large games. Business laptops are for work, running some common office software. Since gaming laptops are more powerful, many people may think business laptops are not necessary. This is not true. The requirements on business laptops are higher than that on gaming laptops.

Gaming laptops seems have all the advantages of business laptops. They are even more powerful. But in everyday use, business laptops are better.

Why? Because gaming laptops are for game playing. To make them powerful, it is necessary to increase their weight. The average gaming laptop weighs in at around 5 kg. It has no difference between going out with a gaming laptop and carrying around a big rock. It is inconvenient. Business laptops are often half the weight of gaming laptops, or even lighter. They are easy to carry on business trips.

More importantly, we can use business laptops in many places. Despite the higher performance, few places are suitable for using gaming laptops. Gaming laptops make a lot of noise during cooling for their high performance. They are not suitable in offices, conference rooms, libraries, etc. Business laptops don’t have these matters. The endurance of gaming laptops is also a big issue. Without a charge, the battery will run out in 3-6 hours. Business laptops last a lot longer. The HONOR MagicBook Pro, for example, can last up to 11 hours without charging.

Many people may think that a business laptop might be more expensive. Don’t worry. HONOR’s business laptop-MagicBook Pro-is on sale! Buy HONOR MagicBook Pro now, and you can enjoy free shipping! Go and buy a business laptop for yourself.

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