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Cheap travel insurance is something that offers considerably good coverage at a reasonable price. Apart from people wanting to save money, there are other reasons why people look for cheap travel insurance, like the situation where a visa will be issued on proof of insurance coverage. But the question is, is this cheap travel insurance can properly secure someone’s travel?

And if it is possible then why spend the extra money?

All you need to do is consider a few points before buying cheap travel insurance. Remember, it’s not about having the luxury of premium travel insurance; it’s about securing your journey.

  • Several types of coverage

The primary coverages you should be looking for is medical, cancellation or interruption, baggage, and flight insurance. Sometimes the list of coverages you need may vary depending on where you are planning your trip and other timely factors.

  • Medical Insurance: If you are already suffering from a medical condition, you must want your insurance to cover that in case of an emergency. And if you are entirely healthy while going on the trip, consider the events from what you may need coverage, like car accidents, etc.
  • Cancellation Insurance: This is the most common one that everyone wants in their travel insurance plan. This type of insurance covers situations like sickness of your travel partner, weather issues, legal obligations, carrier issues, etc.
  • Flight insurance: Sometimes, people look for flight insurance while traveling internationally. The reason is the higher fares for international trips. With this insurance, travelers can save the fees in case of events like delay or cancellation due to bad weather or technical issues.
  • Baggage insurance: It recoups travelers for essentials like medicines, clothes, etc. when baggage is delayed. It also provides you with your possessions if they are lost or stolen during the trip.
  • Read the entire policy

When you are buying something, you don’t want any surprises after spending money; No matter if it’s an insurance policy or something else. You must know that most insurances are sold in packages.

 So, it would help if you chose the combination that is the perfect fit for your trip. Like we discussed before, you may want to include or exclude some necessary insurances and some unnecessary ones from the package. That’s why read the whole policy very carefully, line by line, and make sure you are aware of everything about your cheap travel insurance plan before purchasing it.

  • Compare between many companies

Before making any decisions, research is an essential part. When you are sure about which category of insurance plans you are going to buy, it’s time to decide the company. Numerous companies can provide your good travel insurance plans, and that is at a low price. But they all may not be to fulfill your criteria.

 Most importantly, you have to read the terms and conditions very carefully. Many companies may put some terms and conditions intentionally, which may cause you some severe loss, but the companies will be benefited.

  • Communicate

Apart from online research, offline pieces of information are also quite necessary. See if any of your friends or family members have had any experience with cheap travel insurance, and that is with a specific provider. When talking, keep it in mind to ask them if they had similar circumstances like you. Try also to check forums and look for other recommendations and perspectives as well.

  • Remember the pros and cons of getting an insurance plan

A coin has two sides, just like everything; along with everyone has two sides– bad and good. What is proper for you, it’s not necessary to be the same as others. Yes, here we are discussing the pros and cons. It is crucial to learn and research a lot while purchasing travel insurance. So, consider adding the pros and cons of travel insurance in your research. Who knows, it may turn out that you don’t need insurance for your trip.

Singaporeans will be glad to know that many companies provide some desirable discounts specifically for them. But just because a company is offering a discount doesn’t mean that it is the right kind of insurance for you.

  • Immediately purchase your insurance after finalizing a trip

Singaporeans are the biggest spenders on traveling. They love to travel a lot. But the thing is, a Travel insurance provider company knows the exact period, usually when people want a vacation. That is one reason you may find that the insurance plan’s price may have increased more than you saw before when you are nearest to the date of your trip. And if it is a business trip, then the company will also raise the price as you go closer to your trip. So, to have the advantage of the lowest rates, immediately purchase a plan after finalizing the trip.

  • Keep paper copies and digital versions of your documentation

It is wise to keep copies of all the essential travel documents to you from coverage policies to your plan coverages. Make copies of each and every document, even if the insurance company did not ask for them. They can save your day when the company may confuse you and will try to fail your insurance.


Travel insurance varies from one insurer to another; you need to compare them all before buying, even the cheap insurances. And while claiming the insurance before pointing any company mistakes, you have to ensure that you are appealing the claim correctly. Do the necessary researches, following comprehensive guidance, and make a correct decision? Your money did not come to you for free, without any efforts that are why whether you are buying expensive insurance or a cheap one, precautions are necessary.

HL Assurance Singapore believes in transparent relationships with customers. They will provide you with as much information as you want, and they will also make sure you are purchasing exactly what you need. Travel insurance is the best security option for travelers. It not only ensures your security but also it is a backup option for your problems.

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