What Goes Into a Great Massage Cream?


Professionals know. Injured and overworked muscles benefit greatly from massage, and professional massage therapists and physical therapists benefit greatly from using a quality massage cream. They need something with just the right balance of grip and glide — something that lets their hands slide across the skin without drag or tackiness, but something that also gives them control for deep tissue work. They need Free-Up.

Free-Up Massage Cream is different from the usual slick oils and lotions. It gives just the right feel without being too slippery, enhancing the work done by a well trained pair of hands. And a little goes a long way, so there’s no need to keep interrupting the massage for another squeeze of lubrication.

Clients Can Tell the Difference

Free-Up isn’t just good for the massage therapist. It’s also great for the people getting the massage. Customer satisfaction is so high that lots of people have gone on to buy Free-Up for their own home use after discovering it in the hands of their PT.

“My physical therapist changed to [Free-Up] and I couldn’t be happier. Having used other brands in the past, I can tell you that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I had radiation and my skin was a mess for a long time, and using those other brands was torture. The massage was a lot more tolerable once she started using Free-Up.”

“Works well and lasts forever! Free-Up massage cream has worked wonders for me! … I noticed [my therapist] was able to deliver an excellent massage with very little force or effort on his part. It also felt amazing and didn’t leave a slimy or sticky feeling afterward.”

“This is serious stuff, professional all the way. When your muscles are knotted up like a gnarly, century-old oak, you need this to dig until you are, literally, free! … I bought it for use at home and it has been our go-to for every muscle pain or cramp ever since.”

Reduce Risk with Hypoallergenic Free-Up Massage Cream

Allergies affect large numbers of Americans, with complications ranging from mildly annoying to life-threatening, so Free-Up avoids the use of potential allergy triggers that could harm both the giver and the receiver of a massage. There are no dies or aromatic additives, no perfumes, no seed or nut oils, and no beeswax. Ingredients are carefully selected to be both bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic.

Free-Up is designed to be so pure and gentle, in fact, that it even works for patients whose skin has been damaged by chemotherapy or burns. Fibromyalgia patients can use it as well.

Versatile and Professional

Free-Up massage cream lets massage therapists and physical therapists do what they do best: get right to the business of healing their patients. Made for professionals by professionals, Free-Up’s superior control for deep tissue and surface massage also offers these extra benefits:

  • Cost-effective because a little goes a long way
  • Less likely to stain clothing or towels because it doesn’t run
  • Moisturizes and softens the skin
  • Easier on the hands than working without a massage cream, or working with one that’s too slick or sticky
  • Can be used as an anti-chafing ointment for distance runners and other athletes
  • Works with Astym tools to help stimulate soft tissue regeneration and resorption of scar tissue

A Win-Win for the Patient and the Massage Therapist

Massage Therapists and PTs need to be hands-on with their patients to do the job right. And quality tools like Free-Up massage cream only make the job easier. It’s good for the massage therapist and good for the client.


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