Top 5 emerging trends in shared hosting


With more and more businesses coming to the fore, shared hosting has become a sought-after hosting to begin the digital journey with a website. Because of its ease of deployment, shared hosting is not just easy to self manage, but also to upgrade plans if need be. These aspects make one curious about the reasons people go for shared hosting plans and what benefits they get.

This article focuses on the top 5 emerging trends in shared hosting and what makes it tick with customers.

  1. Popularity of add ons

In any market, if you are able to offer something unique and different, there is a very good chance that you will outperform your competitors. This is true for web hosting as an industry as well if you can offer some unique tools, features, and add ons. Today, the technology that customers expect from web hosting is also improving every day. Web hosting is no longer as simple as starting a server and saving files.

There is no denying that the amount of competition in the web hosting market is rising. To make it more user-friendly, most shared hosting providers today are offering a number of add-ons and other features. Some of these include email marketing tools, unlimited storage or bandwidth, SSL certificates, value-added services for eCommerce support, and even digital marketing support like SEO.

While hosting plan costs fluctuate, the explosive growth of websites indicates that free plans may also be available in a few years’ time. Only time can tell whether this trend will become more popular or not.

  1. Comprehensive security measures and protocols

The service provider now hosts the secure protocol. In recent years, many data violations and electronic security have been able to implement stronger security for hosting service providers.

Therefore, a Privacy Policy is more important than web hosting providers. You can provide a powerful hosting solution for protecting your personal information. The security protocol that SSL, SSL certificates, and large storage hosts are hosted. Domain privacy is one of the best features a web host has to offer. This is an additional service offered by many hosts. When a customer registers a domain name, their personal information is stored in a publicly available WHOIS database. Domain Privacy keeps all private customer information safe and hidden from the world.

  1. Green hosting

Apart from the web developer who manages all the servers, all the hardware plays an important role, and much more. Like everyday devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops, they get hot after extended use. Therefore, the data center hardware must be kept in a quiet and controlled environment. However, this requires faster energy savings and produces larger amounts of CO2.

Fortunately, web hosting companies are already investing in carbon offsets. With green web hosting, the web actively participates in eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its negative impact on the environment. To do this, they obtain a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) or a Carbon Offset Certificate (WORM).

Developments show that host societies contribute to producing sustainable energy. Companies specializing in the production of sustainable energy develop them and sell them to many companies. The money from this purchase will then be used for the operating costs of the Green Energy Initiative. However, VER indicates that the host company was involved in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases mentioned in the certificate.

  1. Pricing Competition

Web hosting offers a variety of pricing options with a variety of features and options. Generally, the lowest price is the common web hosting. However, the correct features, the best web hosting programs, and the appropriate prices provide an integrated platform for supervisors.

The shared hosting service, representing 31.7% of the market, should have annual compounds of 10.3 per year between 2019 and 2025 (Berkaweb, 2020). Compared to cloud hosting and personalized accommodation, shared web hosting is generally inexpensive and provides performance and servers. However, there is always a reason for low prices, so website owners need to be careful and make sure that the web host can handle all the website requirements they need.

  1. New Niche markets

With new businesses emerging, there will be users from new markets that will go for a shared hosting plan. One of them is e-commerce which was reluctant to get shared hosting plans but slowly and steadily has started moving on because e-commerce hosting or even dedicated servers could be a tad more expensive in the beginning. Same goes for fintech companies that were earlier looking at only cloud hosting.


We hope that you have understood the upcoming emerging trends in the shared hosting market. Also hope that you leverage these and keep the trends in mind while making decisions. If you want to know more, ask us questions in the comments section below, and we will answer them to your satisfaction.



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