Top 3 Ways to Market Your Product in 2020


Strategies like digital marketing in Kenya have transformed the way people are communicating effortlessly now. People can now share big files from any part of the world, with high-speed internet; you could download and upload files in a jiffy. It helps in removing the difference between the countries as well as the cultures. 

Sharing information has now gotten a lot easier with the digital era. And, with businesses, you could easily promote your product and with great marketing strategy hit the top of the success ladder. Technology helps you in reaching a diverse group of people. 

Tools help you in marketing and setting yourself at top of the market, thus the more a company can adapt to the modernised ways, the better it would be. It helps them in connecting with a new audience, build loyalty, and your brand. 


This would be one of the most essential parts of digital marketing in 2020. You would be able to chat in real-time with the help of this AI-based technology. Whether day or night, your customers would be able to get help when they are site visitors. With 24-hour service, instant responses to any inquiry and answer all your doubts in a jiffy. Also, customers according to studies prefer chatting over talking. They would accurately be able to help you and thus meet the customer expectations. This would give your customers the importance when they are served in their way.

Video Marketing: 

This is one if not the most important way by which you would be able to reach your customers and create a strong business or product base. A visual impact would be more than writing and customers would remember it better as well. Videos would increase conversation rates and would increase the website traffic too. Videos make it easy to create your content. You could also publish it on various platforms and reach crowds of different ages and cultures at the same time.

Influencer Marketing: 

This has been a huge way of promoting your brand for a few years now. And, in 2020 to it would be consistent. Influencer marketing is a type of word-to-word promotion that would help you in amplifying your brand message. Influencers could be celebrities or person who has a great number of followers. 

Thus, these are some of the ways in which digital marketing in Kenya helps businesses promote their product. And, this would be the ultimate way you could be transforming how you reach potential customers.

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