Tips to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling


Diamonds are one of the most precious creations of nature. These precious gems are made by the earth’s upper mantle. The word ‘Diamond’ means “unbreakable”, which are considered to be the hardest rocks on earth. In ancient times, diamonds in India were used as tools and also for religious rituals.

Today, they are popularly known for their usage in jewelleries. Diamonds act as a cherry on the cake, especially in diamond-studded gold earrings for girls, which give a classy look. It is essential to clean diamond jewellery regularly to maintain its sparkling effect.

However, protective you may be with your diamonds, it will take some time and effort to keep them sparkling. If you feel that your diamond jewellery has lost its sparkle, here is what you need to do.

Keep your Diamonds away from chemical

Make sure that you keep your diamond jewellery away from your cosmetic products such as body lotion, body sprays, perfumes, etc. which causes discoloration over some time. This will eventually make the diamond in your jewellery lose its sparkle. Daily wear gold earrings with diamonds in them needs to be handled with care. It is better to remove before bathing because the chemical content present in the body wash might contribute to the discoloration of the diamond.

  • Avoid wearing Diamond Jewellery during workouts

It is good to avoid wearing diamonds when you hit the gym or do any sought of physical activities be it dance, sports, aerobics, etc. because sweat can discolor your diamond. This is because during perspiration the sodium content gets dried on the jewellery which prevents the light from entering the diamond taking away its sparkle.

  • Scrub your diamonds using a Soft Brus

Toothbrushes not only make your teeth sparkle, but they can also make your diamonds sparkle. Scrub your diamonds gently using a soft brush and rinse them off with warm water. I would like to emphasize the word ‘gentle’. Scrubbing your gem too hard might result in scratches which will take away the look of the jewellery.

  • Keep your diamond Jewellery in a cushioned box

Diamonds are gemstones that are to be handled with utmost care. Diamonds can easily get scratched if it is not kept in a dry padded box. It is always better to keep your diamond jewellery in a cushioned box and not in metal boxes. This will help the diamond to retain its sparkle.

It is always good to check the diamonds with professionals once a year, so that in case of any damage it can be rectified which retains its sparkle. Diamonds are precious stones that are to be treasured and it is very important to maintain their sparkle in the best possible way. Fine pieces of jewellery are made of diamonds which gives immense happiness to wear diamond jewellery. It is essential to keep it clean so it helps your diamond to sparkle and makes you stand out on an occasion.

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