Tips To Get The Safe Wire Cords


When it comes to electricity, people need extra care. There are many fire cases each year due to electricity faulty on the outlets and appliances. Wire Cords as one of the frequently-used electrical appliances might cause some faulty too. Hence, to avoid the worst case, get the safe ones by following these tips.

Mind the required length, the number of outlets, and the socket types

Wire Cords are often used as the ‘bridge’ because some electric devices can directly reach the power socket. The distance between the socket and the strips’ place should match the length of the strips’ cord.

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Hence there will be no excess cord that might be disturbing. If the cords are not enough for the distance do not use another strip to connect. Instead, change the cords with the longer ones. That is why you need the right – not shorter or longer – length of cords.

Unlike surge protectors, these strips are not equipped with safety features. Therefore, consider the ‘normal’ number of outlets in the strips. Too many devices attached to the strips may cause overload and overuse.

To be convenient and practical, do not forget also to match the plug and socket type between devices in the room. In the world, there are at least 15 types of outlet plugs. If the plug and the outlet do not match you still need the additional adaptor.

Get the ones with the warranty

In the hardware stores, you might often find the ready-to-use strips. In some stores, you can also have the ‘customized’ one that suits your need (the length, number of outlets, etc). Yet still, both types might have some defects.

The defects can be in several forms such as non-functioned outlets, electrical shock, making the electric current in the building not stable, and more. Once you find a fail, take off the strips from the socket and change into the new one. To reduce the loss, the warranty is needed.

Consider the additional features

Nowadays, there are some ‘advanced’ strips like the smart Wire Cords that can adjust the energy consumption. Others even have USB ports, automatic shut off for moisture, stand-by mode, wall-mounted, and more.

There are safety features like all-metal housing and GFCI models that prevent overload and shock. Some strips are also built for certain purposes including the hospital-grade or medical Wire Cords.

Read the details and check the product thoroughly

In the label, the materials used in the strips are usually listed. Try to choose the ones made of phosphor bronze because it is usually elastic and good for conductivity. The good materials are usually fire, moisture, and shock resistance. The color also won’t fade easily.

Then, examine the product carefully. Make sure there are no missing or loose components in the strips. The substantial frames should be strong with clean housing. Look at the brand mark also to avoid any fake products. If it is possible, check for the internal structure.

Check the rated power

Usually, the strips have 2500 watts or even higher 4000 watts. Knowing the rated power will give you the insight of how many devices can be connected to the strips. The thicker cords commonly carry higher power like 0.75 mm cords in 500 watts strips and 1.5 mm cords in 2000 watts strips.

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