Tips for Writing the Letter Asking For Financial Help for Medical Bills


One of the biggest stresses people often undergoes after getting an injury or involved in a major accident is the medical bill. Medical bills tend to be huge bills in a short time. You may require lengthy and multiple treatments to undergo to get out of the medical problems completely. Sometimes, your insurance may not cover all of these expenses. It puts you into the hassles and huge pressures.

On the other hand, many people do not realize the fact that medical debt and credit card debt are similar. Both are unsecured and therefore they are not negotiated. The best way to pay your medical bills completely is by writing a hardship letter. If you do not have prior experience in writing this letter, then check out the sample letter asking for financial assistance for medical bills.

Are you writing the hardship letter for the first time? Ensure that you have the following tips in mind. It helps you to write the letter properly and gets the enough funds to afford your medical bill.

  • Put enough effort to keep the letter to the point and short. It is always better to stick to the single page
  • Always be courteous and polite because you are asking for the financial assistance
  • Do not forget to include the financial statement, which shows your expenses and incomes
  • Render the repayment plan clearly, which must include when you make the repayment and for how long
  • Explain your situation for not affording the medical bill. Tell about your medical question and treatment you have undergone
  • Attach the evidence of everything, which you do. It also includes the medical bill describing all the treatments and medications

You can browse online to know further tips and sample letters asking for the financial help to pay off your medical bill.

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