Things to Check before Buying M5 Band


At some point, many fitness lovers may need an M5 band. It may seem such a simple decision, but in fact, it is very confusing due to several reasons. It is difficult to find out what kind of battery life and performance to expect.  For instance, you may find that there are some devices that look like a smartwatch but are just a fitness tracker with notification. 

Before making a purchase, you should think deeply about whether you need it or not. With a fitness band, you can get better results than your phone can provide. When it comes to tracking calories, your phone unfortunately cannot do this job as it cannot measure your heart rate continuously. To buy this fitness band for cheap in Sri Lanka, check out

There are also some other uses such as automatic work detection, swimming workout tracking, and sleep tracking that make this band is useful. For basic tracking of movement, your smartphone is as good as a fitness band, but if you want a device that can log multiple workout types, a fitness band will be a great investment.

The initial thing you have to understand is what you want the fitness band for. The following are factors that should be checked before purchasing the M5 band.


As you are going to wear this M5 band for long hours, comfort must be your primary concern. This is including the strap materials, the band size, and how comfortable it is to wear. 


If you want a device with a great display, you may consider one that is readable even under the harsh light. The display of a band should be big enough to display some important information like step data. Make sure to choose a display that is readable. Hence, the font size should be a must consideration.

Step tracking

Most people purchase the M5 band to encourage themselves to initiate moving. Therefore, accurate step tracking is important to consider. Ensure to check the standard to determine whether the step tracking is good or not.


If a band supports notifications, you have to check if it is simply vibrating or showing some important data like phone number or name of people calling you. The feature of caller ID is very important these days. 

For precise route tracking, GPS is an important feature of the M5 band to look for. The GPS is useful to track distance and route especially during cycling and running workouts. Keep in mind that not all bands have precise GPS, so you have to check some reviews of the products you want.

Heart rate monitoring

This feature is often offered as the main feature of an M5 band. However, what you need is continuous heart rate monitoring during your workout. It will help track burned calories during workout accurately.

Battery life

The battery life of an M5 band should be your final consideration. Make sure to choose a band with a long-lasting battery.

Before making a decision buying the M5 band, make sure to read the product reviews that will describe how it looks like. If your budget is limited, try to choose some used fitness bands options available. 


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