Singapore’s Work Permits and Visas for Foreign Workers


We suppose you’ve made the decision to apply for a visa to visit Singapore, huh? The great majority of people shouldn’t have too much trouble with this. The application process may be handled by your organization or an agent to whom you have provided authorization. You may bring your family to Singapore on a visa if they are depending on you, and there is no immigration points system for workers.

To be granted permanent residence (commonly known as a green card) and to be eligible for all of the benefits that come with it is an altogether other affair. To be eligible, you must be willing to live in Singapore for at least 24 months. This subject is further explored in the sections that follow.

Many people have trouble grasping the notions of work visas and permanent residency. Every year, he government helps thousands of expatriates secure the proper visas to pursue their dreams. This comprehensive, step-by-step guide will teach you all you need to know about securing a Singapore visa, from the fundamental prerequisites to the application processes and the specific Singapore visas cost and charges.

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Work Permits and Visas Based on Occupation

An employment visa (sometimes referred to as a work permit) is needed instead of a business visa for newcomers who want to legally begin working in the city-state. An abundance of work visas and permits are available to those who are fortunate enough. Passes of this kind are only valid for a two-year term and do not provide the holder the right to stay in the country permanently.

Obtaining a Work Visa in Singapore: Step-by-step instructions

To be eligible for a work visa in Singapore, an employee must satisfy the following requirements: must have a valid passport, be at least 18 years old, be qualified for the position (with supporting documentation from approved institutions), and only work within the parameters of their job are all mandatory requirements. For Work Permit Application it works fine.

Checking one’s work visa status is the responsibility of every employee. If you’re moving with a company, it’s assumed that they’ll be able to help you with this. If this is not the case, skilled expats may be needed to get one of the following visas:

When a foreign professional, manager or executive earns at least 3,600 Singapore dollars (or 2,600 dollars per month), they are eligible to apply for an Employment Pass (also known as a Work Permit). It is valid for two years from the date of purchase.

An intermediate-level employee who earns at least $2,400 Singapore dollars per month (about $1,700 in the United States) is eligible for the S Pass. A validity period of up to two years is available.

Specialized work permits are also available for employees in the construction, entertainment, marine shipyard, manufacturing, processing, or service sectors.

Form for Obtaining a Work Permit in Singapore: Singapore Work Visa Application Fee

Employers are responsible for obtaining employment permits on behalf of their workers. You should be aware that your employer may enlist the help of an employment agency at any point in the hiring process.

The only way for companies outside of Singapore to get sponsorship for their staff is to go to a Singaporean company. The local sponsor will submit the application on behalf of the employee.The process of acquiring an employment permit and a S pass is quite similar.Before applying for a job or S pass, gather the necessary documents. Before submitting the application, you will need to do this.

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