Roof Repair vs. Replacement: Factors to Consider


Prior to establishing if you require a roofing system substitute or repair work, there are some points you need to take into consideration.

Recognizing how old your roofing system is, how much time you plan on staying in your home, as well as provide you a suggestion if it’s time to replace your roof covering.

Continue reading to learn what you need to take into consideration prior to you change your roofing system.

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how old is my roof?

For asphalt roof shingles, there is plenty of variables to consider when making a decision to change or fix your roof covering, as well as the age of your roofing, which is amongst the most vital ones. If you are not sure about the age of your roof covering, a local roofing expert can determine the life of your roofing.

The three-tab lower end roof shingles will last between 15-20 years. The higher quality, heavier architectural tiles can last approximately 40 years, as well as resist wind rates of 130 Miles Per Hour.

Some signs of an old roofing system are:

  • Tiles twisting or crinkling
  • Roof shingles are missing out on
  • Tiles are bald
  • Roofing system sagging
  • Blistering roof shingles
  • Moss covering your roof
  • Granules in the gutter

Make sure to have numerous roof firms appear to talk with you. I have been to several homes where the homeowners have been informed that their roofing systems required to be replaced when they really did not. Some will market your roofing whether you require it or not, no matter the problem or the age of your roofing.

The length of time do I plan on staying inside my home

If you’re not living in your permanent home but intend on being there for a while, it might not make sense to replace your roofing system.

Nonetheless, when it’s time to sell your house, you could find it tough to offer relying on life, as well as the problem of your roof covering.

If your strategy is to stay in your home as well as your roof has had a number of fixings, or it’s anywhere between 15-20 years old, have your roofing contractor bent on to inspect it. Learn if there is anything that requires attention. If whatever looks penalty, I would suggest that you jump on a routine maintenance strategy where a professional gets up on your roofing system to inspect things out at least yearly, otherwise two times. This will guarantee that you get the full life out of your roofing system.

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