Role of Car Dealership Security Guards at Your Car Yard in Houston

  1. Strategic Parking of Vehicles

The majority of criminals nowadays are looking for valuable car parts to sell on the black market. Catalytic converters, for example, are expensive metals, with platinum costing $1,500 per ounce and rhodium costing $6,400 per ounce. Vehicles have become more vulnerable to theft due to their increasing value. To avoid this, a well-trained Houston security staff ensures that autos are in a strategic location. It’s critical for theft prevention and security. Cars parked in the wrong direction are frequently exposed to a variety of criminal threats. By circling the valued cars in the aisles, security officers can adjust the angle of the parking slots.

  1. Strict Inventory Observance

In the automotive business, incorporating a monitoring security system enhances inventory dependability considerably. Unfortunately, these surveillance cameras can only increase vigilance without swift action against theft. For successful vehicle monitoring and evaluation, however, knowing what is going on in the inventory is critical. The simple presence of the security guard team aids in notifying the appropriate authorities if anything suspicious is discovered. Furthermore, installing modern locks on storage room doors reduces the likelihood of interior theft and break-ins. Furthermore, security guards can better keep track of stock and inventory flow by employing the perpetual inventory system.

  1. System Upkeep

Automobile settings can be dangerous if there is poor or dim lighting, particularly at night. The majority of the cameras are monochrome and do not work well at night, thus thieves prefer to operate at night. As a result, now is the best time for the thieves to start their nefarious business. Install bright, well-lit lights to address this problem. Hiring a professional car dealership security guard is another much more efficient strategy. They can, fortunately, rapidly avert unplanned malfunctions and electrical mishaps. Regular maintenance and inspection of the entire electronic system also ensures that the security alarms and installed equipment are safe.

  1. Cyber-Crime Prevention

As the automotive business has expanded, the rate of cybercrime has risen dramatically. As a result, according to Cybersecurity Ventures research, cybercrime will be worth $9 trillion by 2023. For the record, auto dealerships collect and preserve accurate and confidential information about their customers. The threat of a third-party privacy breach remains a difficult problem to solve. Hackers, for example, can exploit the controller’s username and password to gain access to the dealership’s bank accounts and transfer funds out of the nation. It is critical to secure the client’s data, as well as the firm’s reputation, as a quick response to these data breaches. Because security guards are qualified and experienced, they can successfully create a security breach plan. Employees and workers will be regularly trained to use encrypted passwords.

Seek Help from The Best Security Company

Ranger Security’s managed surveillance solutions do more than just record what goes on in your dealership. We actively defend your property and provide you with a real-time perspective of what’s going on at the touch of a button. Every year, the FBI estimates that approximately $6 billion in vehicles are stolen, with an average loss of $8,407. Your dealership might become the next victim if you don’t have the necessary security systems in place. Contact Ranger Security Agency today to learn more about our services.

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