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Good food and the best customer service make a restaurant successful. Yet, this is insufficient to keep customers coming back. Planning your restaurant marketing is the key for increasing sales, scaling up your business, and turning it into a success. Therefore, it’s vital to have a proper restaurant marketing strategy for your business.

Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant marketing is a systematic and measurable process of increasing market visibility, attracting new customers and generating revenue. Consistent marketing efforts are essential for any restaurant business plan.

Marketing strategy for a restaurant can be classified into online and offline.

Online Restaurant Marketing

Have a Functional Website

The website of your restaurant is its digital identity and an integral marketing tool. Through a website, you can establish communication with customers, share promotions, daily deals, updated prices, changes in the menu, and event announcements. Further, it must be up-to-date with regular, fresh content for internet browsers and properly optimized for them to be able to find you in search results. Having high-quality restaurant management software helps automatically update any changes onto the website by directly relaying information from your restaurant program.

Take Orders Online

Having an online ordering system for your food delivery service can increase your customer base. People can choose from your online menu and order directly from the website or mobile app, or even via common food ordering platforms. 

With POS restaurant management software like inresto, all your online orders and reservations will directly transfer into the restaurant program enabling you to accept orders easily and provide speedy delivery. Include digital coupons on your website/mobile app to encourage customers to keep choosing your restaurant.

Social Media Marketing for your Restaurant

Social media is a hot platform to market your restaurant by sharing exquisite photos of your dishes, new deals, promotions and seasonally updated menus. Encourage people with regular contests, offer free content food, and engage with prospective customers because it’s the best place to be found and known.

Offline Restaurant Marketing

Traditional Media

The best way to reach a multiple-demographic audience is by marketing your brand new product, promotion, or an event at your restaurant, creating ad content in different forms like video, poster, article and sending it to local newspapers, magazines and broadcasters. A riveting story that shows the way you follow trends will get you into your viewer’s attention and thought.

Loyalty Marketing

As a restaurant that thrives on providing the best customer service, it’s important to thank loyal customers. For instance, giving a free dessert once in a while is a way of showing respect and thanking them for their loyalty. Restaurant loyalty programs have been known to boost businesses by at least 35%.

Track Restaurant Trends

Monitoring industry trends regularly is essential for your restaurant marketing. It helps you design and update menus, use popular forms of ingredients, for example- anything fresh and seasonal is always in trend. You could even serve your signature dishes creatively or tweak your restaurant ambiance for a better experience. Be on the lookout for what’s trending and please your guests with change and innovation from time to time.


There are numerous ways to market your restaurant so that more and more people find your amazing food and get to know about the perfect customer service you provide. By what means you choose your restaurant marketing strategy depends upon your restaurant’s mission, concept, its size and industry along with the restaurants’ purpose in the best appropriate way.

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