Perfect valentines gift ideas for newly formed bonds 


Hola, lovebirds. Congrats on finally making it official. You’re just in time. Perhaps, lucky enough to walk hand-in-hand as a couple on Valentine’s Day. While you are on cloud nine RN, there might be a lingering pressure on you to make the day of love quite a memorable one. That’s the thing about all the firsts, indeed! Don’t sweat it. You’ve got our backs. Quite literally! 

We’ve enlisted some of the best first Valentine’s presents for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Read through the list to seize the day with love and gifts: 

  1. Premium Personalised Chocolate Box 

For a new relationship, classics like personalised Valentine’s chocolates are a great and safe bet. So, buy a premium chocolate box and engrave special messages for your partner this beautiful day of love. It’s a great way to spread love in the life of your favourite people. 

  1. Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit 

Did the two of you go for a dumplings date for the first time? If that’s the case, a Chinese soup dumplings kit makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. With this kit, you don’t have to worry about going out for takeout for the nth time. You can make dumplings in a breeze and enjoy an infinite number of it at home! 

  1. Gold Heart Note Set 

You’ve confessed your feelings. It’s her turn now. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give her the chance to express her love with this gold heart note set. This gorgeous piece of stationery will let her put her feelings in words in the most sentimental way. So, get ready for some waterworks as a gold heart note set is making its way to you!

  1. Streaming Device 

After the fancy dinner dates, you might want to spend some quality time together indoors. So, what do you now? For starters, begin with a cosy movie night. For an endless night of movies, loosen up a little with your partner and get into a comfort zone at home by giving your partner a streaming device. With this device, the two of you can bundle up together while watching a great movie over the weekends.

  1. Custom-made Oversized Bag 

If your loved ones are constantly staying over at your place, it’s time to give them something functional and stylish. Spoil them with a custom-made oversized bag to let them carry all their essentials back and forth in style. It’s indeed a great utility piece! 

  1. Heart-shaped Waffle Maker 

Make your first breakfast date indoors special with a heart-shaped waffle maker. This mini waffle maker will turn any regular breakfast spread into a romantic one as it produces heart-shaped waffle creations. So, raise a toast and eat to your heart’s content. Quite literally. 

  1. Personalised Book of Love 

A personalised book of love that tells your love story is an instant hit among the new couples on Valentine’s Day. It might sound cheesy for a few, but you can’t deny the romance of it all. So, if you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your new girlfriend, design a book of love by sticking pictures and writing quotes for her. 

Every first Valentine’s Day is a special one. Embrace your new journey with lots of love, romance, hugs, kisses, and Valentine’s Day gifts. Cherish the day and celebrate your love for each other. Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! 

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