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Over the past couple of years, we have seen the entire globe be transformed by the introduction of technology to the market and now everywhere and everything is virtually digitalised. Due to this, the way that technology companies have been able to adopt a whole host of different technology which have been used to create gadgets for the consumer markets and so we thought we’d investigate some of the best products on the market right now for consumer to use.

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First, and certainly the most popular form of gadget on the market right now is the smartwatches which have now become widely available to us consumers. When smartwatches were first brought out, many of us, experts include, didn’t really see the benefits that they posed to us consumers but as technology has evolved and become more advanced, they have become impressive. This is because they now act as an extension to your smartphone, can track our daily movements including steps, calories burnt and even track your sleep and there are that impressive that they are almost a must have.

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Another bit of technology that we would recommend to the everyday consumer would be the smart speaker revolution which has become increasingly popular over time. The benefits that the smart speakers offer is now incredible and we are seeing them in more households around the UK as time goes on. Not only can a smart speaker play your favourite songs, artists, playlists, and radio stations but also act as a form of personal assistant too as you can set alarms, set reminders, get the weather forecast, listen to the news and many other helpful features.

And finally, the idea of having a smart doorbell is something that is proving to be rather popular, and they are growing in demand at an astronomical rate. The idea of being able to answer your door anywhere anytime is something that we all like the idea of, as you will never miss a delivery again. Not only this, but they can also act as security camera as they are on a 24-hour cycle of recording so if anything happens at your house, you’ll be able to view it.

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