Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Your Android Apps


Mobile phones and internet access have brought in a huge transformation in the picture of commercialism that existed earlier and that too in a quite short period. It has become the most favoured medium for watching movies and tv shows, going through news updates, and making social interactions as easy as it can get. For people involved in the business, the mobile phone is an extremely mighty platform that offers an excellent interlinkage between you and your customers. As because mobile is a private means, at times it turns out to be much vulnerable to the blunders made by the app promoters.

So, in this excerpt today we will bring you some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid to promote android appthe mistakes to be prevented are as follows:

Not abiding by a proper marketing policy 

You have to keep this in your mind that just developing the app doesn’t help. You need to plan effective policies regarding how you will be marketing it up. A lot of android applications show frequent ads to render profits. Few of them also present ads of various other websites and apps. It lets you judge the efficiency of your app. If you just launch your app without any prior planning about how you will be creating a market for it, the app launch will end up being a complete loss.

Not offering post launching app updates 

You’re your app is out in the market you are supposed to think of implementing measures that would make your app a better one day by day. You have to keep launching regular updates for your app so that is never getting old since we are attracted to anything new and fancy. The users of your app also grow up their expectations once they start using the app and your app shouldn’t be disappointing them anyhow.

So, we discussed above some of the basic mistakes the marketers tend to make. We hope our post was helpful to you and now onwards you would not make any such mistakes when promoting your android apps.

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