Mistakes To Avoid In Your PCB Sourcing Process


If you have an electronic product manufacturing company, you will not have to find the best quality PCBs for your products. The quality of the PCBs you order should be of top-notch. You will have to look for the right suppliers of PCBs to have your needs met. During the PCB design, development and sourcing process a number of mistakes are made. All these mistakes could tantamount to inferior quality PCBs. This in turn will lead to a faulty product or an electronic product of inferior quality. Pay attention to ensure that you do not make these mistakes.

Not matching your requirements with the manufacturers when selecting your PCB manufacturer is a very common mistake. Many customers go round finding the best PCB manufacturing company but as far as PCB manufacturing is concerned, a manufacturer that best fits one product may not fit for another product of a different complexity level. You will have to therefore consider these factors when sourcing your PCBs. Look for manufacturers who match your specific requirements and this will save you a lot of time and money.

Failing to have stringent testing system in place is yet another mistake. Whether it is PCB prototype building or PCB mass production, you should have strict testing protocols to ensure the quality of the PCBs. If you take PCB testing lightly then you cannot guarantee your customers a stable electronic device. Often PCBs manufactured in the last minute run into such issues. When you manufacture your PCBs in the last minute, you will not have time to run the required tests. Your manufacturer will be forced to deliver partially tested PCBs.

Deciding to source your PCB components could at times prove to be a mistake when you do not have access to the best networks to source. A number of factors need to be taken into account. First the quality of the components should be good, secondly the suppliers you identify should be able to deliver the required quantities in a timely fashion and thirdly, you should get the best prices. When your manufacturer sources the components, then they will have access to better component sourcing networks because they source these products regularly. They will also be able to get a better price for the components because they source in bulk quantities for multiple customers and you will not be able to match their order quality.

Not taking into account the shipping time when planning one’s sourcing schedule is also a common mistake. Some source their PCBs locally but many electronic device manufacturing companies source their PCBs from other countries like China. If you are sourcing from such locations, you should understand that the shipping duration will be much longer. In such cases, you cannot also rely on last minute orders. Staying ahead of your PCB stock is also equally important and this is also often forgotten. This could delay your production cycle and you will not be able to get your PCBs on time.

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