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When we mention artificial diamonds we’re not talking about the favored CZ gemstones that are sold in cheap silver settings, nor are we pertaining to the standard faux gems that always get crafted into designer jewelry items but could also be anything from glass to a rhinestone-like stud, even set into white or yellow gold, or utilized in celebrity replicas to look-like canary yellow or pink diamonds.

How it’s different

We’re also not talking about moissanite, because it’s silicon carbide. In this case, we’re talking about diamonds that are chemically and physically real diamonds created in laboratories rather than mined from the world. It becomes confusing when terms aren’t clear, because there are words like stimulants and artificial diamonds which will be wont to ask a spread of things that may even include cubic zirconia and moissanite and may make finding real lab grown diamonds for lab grown wedding band difficult to seek out, especially online.

Artificial diamonds

But a diamond may be a “diamond” supported testing chemical properties and conductivity. Those that test positive as diamond material are indeed physically equivalent as a mined diamond and are graded as the other diamond would be. Nevertheless, since artificial gems of this variety are often colored, it’s sometimes possible to inform a mined gem from a “lab created” one, since the color during a lab diamond could also be more intense, although in every way may be a genuine carbon diamond.

Genesis an Apollo

Genesis Yellow Orange Gems and Apollo White Diamonds Although there are several companies involved in the creation and selling of these products, it’s difficult to talk about the latest news when it comes to this technology without mentioning one of the pioneers – Genesis. Although best known for the yellow and orange gemstones, there’s another company called Apollo that now offers white, or a minimum of almost-white, diamonds. The thing is that the worth difference isn’t much less than a mined diamond.

The worth of lab created diamonds

For example, Novita diamonds offer a pair of diamond stud earrings, with a few half-carat of diamonds, actually 48 carat total, in two gems that have G/H color and IF/VVS clarity, which cost just under $1,000. In their day Collection, and other series of readymade jewelry, even designer creations, the things must be special ordered and thus it’s difficult to understand the worth of, say a diamond solitaire ring or wedding ring, without placing an order or contacting Novita diamonds on to inquire about the precise item.

Realistic images

The images that Novita diamonds are offering as samples of its jewelry, it must be said that the diamonds look beautiful and the creations are elegant. NEA Laboratory Grown Diamonds NEA is another company that focuses on artificial diamond gemstones. They have been known for his or her blue and yellow diamonds; however, they recently have added a white or near-colorless gem to their inventory, although the worth per carat isn’t exactly a bargain at $1,600.


Now, what gets a touch confusing about buying actual jewelry at Novita diamonds, although they need some lovely creations, like white and blue and yellow diamond engagement rings, is the fact that the pictures you click offer a basic ring in say alloy.

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